May 10, 2008

Art to Use - Kunst zum Verwenden

I'm back and working. I had a big time in Germany teaching the workshop about the possibilities of the embellisher. I met very nice ladies and got some new ideas travelling around.

Now I finished a picture you can use as a pincushion. Why can art don't be useful? I made some pins for it indeed and my pincushion fairy is very eager to use it!. She looks at the little garden full of flowers and at the tree blooming in the corner.

I used many techniques and worked with the embellisher and the sewing machine. I did lots of hand stitching. The fairy is made as trapunto.

I like these pincushions to hang near my sewing machine. I put different needles in each part of the surface, so that I can distinguish f.i. the embroidery needles from the sewing machine ones.

It is about 11" x 11"/7" (without hanger). 28 x 28/18 cm.

Ich bin zurück vom Workshop in Deutschland, wo ich viele nette Kursteilnehmerinnen hatte. Ich sammelte Ideen beim herum fahren.

Jetzt habe ich ein Bild fertig gemacht, das auch als Nadelpolster verwendet werden kann. Warum soll Kunst nicht praktisch sein? Ich machte auch 10 Nadeln für die Wiese. Meine Nadelpolsterfee möchtet ihn bald benutzen. Sie schaut den kleinen Garten voller Blumen und den kleinen blühenden Baum in der Ecke.

Ich habe viele Techniken verwendet, mit Embellisher und Nähmaschine. Auch habe ich sehr viel mit der Hand gestickt. Die Fee ist als Trapunto gemacht.

Ich mag solche Nadelpolster in der Nähe der Nähmaschine. Ich sortiere die Nadeln nach Farbflächen, so dass ich z.B. die Sticknadeln von den Nähmaschinennadeln unterscheiden kann.

Er ist ca. 28 x 28/18 (ohne Bügel) cm groß.


  1. Welcome home sara. I love this useable art you made. I would love one of those hanging by my sewing machine. Are you going to be selling some in your shop? I love all the little pins you made. Shrink plastic? Big flickr trend in shrink plastic these days that I have been observing.

  2. Well come back to home and to your piece of art.

    As usual your piece of art is fabulous. Each piece is so unique and surprise, keep do it.

  3. Sara, I'm glad your workshop went well! Missed you!!! I totally agree that useful art is the best art of all! Wonderful pincushion!!!

  4. Love your pincushion. Just the little bit of inspiration I needed to start my day. The pins are too cute!

    Jill in Florida

  5. You ask why art can't be useful? No reason, unless we listen to a bunch of art critics who think they can dictate what art is to the rest of us!
    your wonderful work IS art, whether it's "useful" or not!

  6. Great idea for a pin it!!! love all the stitching!!

  7. What a lovely idea.I love your trapunto.

  8. I love the idea of this usable art. You have inspired me Sara, I am going to make myself an "arty" pincushion.