Mar 27, 2018

Semi-Challenge Another page

It is going to be a book. Definitely.

Here is the little prince with his men in the woods.

I had some prints from my drawings printed with the ink-jet printer on canvas sheets.

I did more and more cut outs of the former background and collaged them together.

Mar 17, 2018

Semi-Challenge - Another Page

I am working on many pages at the same time, always doing appliqué or easy stitches.
I think my book will be finished soon if I keep on working...

This is hoy I sew the pieces together. I don't give many explanations of everything because I think that the process is pretty obvious. If you have questions, please ask!

Mar 16, 2018

Semi-Challenge - Second Page "The Owl at Night"

I finished the second page. It is softer as the cover. I only put some cheesecloth behind and punched the borders.

Here you see how it rags out when the book is closed:

Mar 15, 2018

Semi-Challenge - First Page

I decided to do a book and this is the first page. Finished.

Adding details:

Not happy with the contrast...:

I sew the squares to a dyed cheese cloth. I punched it to some paper. 

I added more contrast to the piece with couching and these stitches:

Now I'm happy. I put some tulle underneath and more paper:

I sew it to these layers...


Back, painted with white acrylic paint:

Added one more layer of tulle to the back and sew everything together so that you can turn the page of the book when the piece is finished:

Surface texture:

Contrast before and after:

I'm always asked how I plan a piece. I hope this semi-challenge is the answer. I began with an idea and added to it. I can't keep the same concept for 3 months... I always get more ideas and the piece speaks to me all the time.

Now I will continue with page 2...

Mar 9, 2018


I think I'm going to reorganize all this and make a book...

That's me, seeing things... stories... can't get rid of it.

It opens new perspectives. We'll see. These little rectangles can be cut out at pleasure and get a new life of their own...

Mar 7, 2018

Ali Baba's Treasure...

You can see that some times I get distracted from my goals... This piece isn't really about only stitches any more. There are stitches. But then there is my stash and yesterday I did some organizing... and noticed I have trillions of sequins, pearls,beads, you name it...

 I am not that young any more, I already wear purple. I can sew about 1000 embellishments a day and I don't like to dump things... I decided to do some experimentation with all this treasure.

I think my work is going to show more glitter in the future...

Mar 6, 2018

Semi-Challenge - Unity and Contrast

Looking at my pieces I noticed that I had to do something to add contrast to the embroideries and appliqués.

This is actually the way I work and my challenges are meant to let you see my way of planning (or not) the whole, my way of deciding what to do next and work in small steps, adding slowly and also my biggest concern is to balance the details so that the whole piece has a kind of overall balance.

I am also concerned about using all of the cutouts that are produced while cutting the appliqués because they are not only useful but also push your imagination in the process.

I punched the archs from the back.

I cut the diamonds and the small triangles were left.

I used the triangles too.

Also in the star.

Now you can see that there is more contrast and everything is coming along nicely.
Much work to be done yet!

In the rectangles I don't only use the most primitive stitches but I also do some work on composition.

Mar 5, 2018

Semi-Challenge ideas

Because somebody asked me how to put the pieces together, I uploaded some pictures I found in the web with ideas. Look into the Practice Group folder in Pinterest.

I will end the Challenge the 1st July so that all have time to work on it. I am working slowly and will upload the way I do it in the last weeks. The piece must speak to me and I have no idea yet what conversation we will have with another! :-)