Mar 31, 2007


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This is one earlier work too, I think I did it in 2001.

I used free motion stitching and hand stitching

Rostige Tage

Rostige Tage
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This is another haiku that I sewed to a self made paper and framed after that.

I actually framed all this haiku because they look great as pictures on the wall.

Ein Tag ohne Schnee

Ein Tag ohne Schnee
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Another haiku of the series.

I have them at Etsy.

Die Herberge zu

Die Herberge zu
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This is one of a series of haiku I did for my textile group some years ago.

We had a haiku challenge that was very interesting.

The pieces were small collages, about 8"x12" (20x30cm).

I have them at Etsy.

Manuscript of the cherries

Manuscript of the cherries
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This cherry manuscript is a combination of a medieval book page and a visual text about cherries.

I felted the cherry stones into the piece, between the scrim and the wool.

I worked with Tyvek on this one.

Working with silicon

Sky flight
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I did this piece with a niece who studied textile art in Argentina and was working with silicon.

I applied it on the surface and it changed totally the piece. It is very surprising to take the piece in the hand and notice that it's so heavy in the first place and then feeling this kind of synthetic rubber surface under the finger.

A tactile delusion...


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I'm uploading some older pieces because I organized a photo corner in the studio.

This piece is one of the ones I liked to stitch the most because it also was an organic feeling to let the needle through this wonderful open fabric...

Detail of the quilt

Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.

Mar 28, 2007

Three Guardian Angels

Today I finished my Three Guardian Angels quiltlet.

If you want to know the story and see more Photos please visit my Blog Little Fabric People

Mar 26, 2007

Spring love


Spring is in the air... well, I imagine it is because it's not definitely spring yet...

But I'm inspired and this can be a good beginning.

I got another try with the embellisher and this machine is fascinating me more and more. It's really done for me and my technique.

This time I tried metallic silk organza and my favorite felt stitching (I don't know the name of it, it's the use you use when you do doll noses). I also tried a special wool and embellished fabric on the border and trapped a piece of fabric (the one with the writing) under nylon organza.

I embellished all over a piece of padded scrim/wool/organza.

I also used Tyvek this time (gold painted)

This is my piece for the Textile Challenges Group.

Mar 24, 2007


I loved this video at YouTube.

Some of us have always problems with that! I'm in the 2% now struggling not to get into the 98% again! :-)


read about it at my other blog "Embellished Realm"

Mar 23, 2007

New Blog and Flickr Group for the Embellisher Machine

Because there was no Group in Flickr exclusively for the Embellishing Machine, I started the
"Made with the Embellisher Machine" group.

I also started a new Blog about this theme "Embellished Realm".

Can you, please, sign in at these sites if you are interested? thank you!


Favorite Video

I suppose the ones who know my work will also know why this is my favorite video!!

It is the most interesting thing, I would like to know how they could make it!

It is about the "Bayeux Tapestry" and the only bad thing is the quality of the video, but I've seen worse...

Video Collection

This is a new idea I had. In my new blog Little Fabric People I'm collecting videos about textile/paper/mixed media techniques and how to.

You will find them on the right column of the blog under VIDEOS.

There are more videos on the list as the ones you see the photos from. Please look at "view more of my videos" to see the complete list!

Mar 22, 2007

New Blog for my Little Fabric People

Because I don't want to mix both things - my Etsy pieces and my other creative activities - I created a new blog "Little Fabric People" where you can find news about the development of this series.

I did it in VOX, a great new Blogs site with many new possibilities of constructing your blog. It has YouTube, Amazon, etc. included in the features.

Mar 21, 2007

Blossoms in snow

We already had such a warm weather that the trees began to blossom... Now it's snowing and they don't know what to do with their headdress...

Mar 20, 2007

The winter came at last...

This is a photograph for my group "One Window to the World".

After a sunny winter this was the view from the window this morning!

I hope this is the winter farewell...

Mar 19, 2007

The last 3

I couldn't put all 7 on the last post, these are the last 3.

You can find them at my Etsy Shop

The very last pendants!

These 7 pendants are the very last ones I did at my daughters. I finished them today.

It was really nice to do them because I like stitching so much.

Now I'm going to move on...

You can find the pendants at my Etsy Shop

Mar 17, 2007

Other forms

These are new forms for the pendants. I love the oval one!

They are in my Etsy shop.


This week I was in bed with a spring flu so that I couldn't go to the computer (this is such an addiction!)

Now I'm working once more and I finished these two angels and friends.

You can find them at Etsy.

Mar 7, 2007

New idea

I found this Austrian embellishment to hang from my pendants. I think it looks very nice!

You find the description at Etsy.

Mar 6, 2007

TAST barred chain stitch

...and this is the piece for this week's challenge.

They are all going to be a part of my "Stitch Dictionnary"

TAST cross stitch

This is the piece for last week's TAST challenge.

Waiting to be sent - The new ones!

These are the new ones. I'm enjoying packing them with the little Moo-Card and these small greeting cards!

It is so nice to think that they are a link between my studio in the Austrian landscape and so many different parts of the world!

Some more ladies

I am finishing some more pendants I began at the house of my daughter. They take quite a time to do but I love this work! They are about 1 1/4"x3 1/2" (3,5 x 9 cm)just the right length to wear them over a T-shirt or blouse.

You can find them at my Etsy shop.

Mar 5, 2007

Etsy shop




Last week I had to take care of my grand children. They are already 10 and 13 so that they go to school and I had lots of time free.

I decided to do something for my Etsy shop.

I want to put some bigger works in the shop too but this little pendants seemed like a good idea. They were nice to make. I could use the techniques I like the most, my faces and lots of hand stitching. The ceramic buttons are from Czech handcrafters. I bought them at Cesky Krumlov, a wonderful medieval city on the Vitava. They are handmade. The waxed cord is knotted at the top.

Mar 3, 2007

Collab with Cecilia Levy

Originally uploaded by Cecilia Levy.
This is the whole piece from the inside, you see the wood grain as background.

Collab with Cecilia Levy

Originally uploaded by Cecilia Levy.
These are photographs of my collaboration for The Library with Cecilia Levy. I'm so happy with the result, with the cats behind my figures and the lovely drawings as background!! Thanks, Cecilia!!