May 17, 2008

New Look - Neues Aussehen

I created a new header and did some small changes in my blog.

I wanted to update the look of it because it was a little bit crowded.

Now you find my music choices on the bottom!

I also found a new widget showing who are the persons who leave usually more comments on my blog. I appreciate so much your loyalty and interesting views about different subjects.

Of course, I love you all who send comments and I try to keep in touch with most of you. As time allows...

Now I'm ripe for a coffee, have a nice weekend!


  1. Sara, thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I like your header very much, the whiteness of it and the simplicity. Also I am glad the music is at the bottom, bec. I'm lazy and don't like to have to scroll down to the most recent post!!! The wire looks like drawn squiggle marks. Be well, Suki

  2. Wunderbar!

    LG Luitgard

  3. well you have my utmost admiration. I have started to blog and its quite a headache for a non-techie like me. I have spent a long time on it today because I got lots of unwanted links, and links to the wrong place, and photos disappering. Grrr! Yours always look so serene.

  4. I like the simplicity but miss the color a bit...but I'll get used to it, I promise!

  5. I love the new - clean look. Very nice ! Great work!

  6. Yes, I agree, it´s a clean look! Wow I find myself at the top commenters :-)
    I like your latest works very much! So bright and summery! and how you use the different technician so well!

  7. I like the new look! How fun to keep track of your comments - I'll have to see if typepad does that too... Hopefully it won't bring out a 'competitive' nature - LOL!