May 19, 2008

Bio Hazard - Bio Gefährdung

This piece is the one I made for TIF in May.

Ich habe dieses Stück für die Maiherausforderung der Gruppe TIF.

At the same time it is my piece for the new group I belong: Tricias Textile Challenge.

Gleichzeitig verwende ich es für die von der anderen Gruppe Tricias Textile Challenge.

The idea was to use these colours:

Die Idee war, diese Farben zu verwenden, die in Natura ähnlicher ausschauen als auf dem Foto.

The photo looks different but the original is quite similar.

It is the symbol for bio-hazard. I thought about combining it with three jesters (because we are subject to a mad play) who have hats that can also be anchors, the symbol of hope.

The stitching of the ring in the middle should evoque a Celtic ornament because the whole thing looks quite celtic...

Es repräsentiert das Zeichen für Biogefährdung.

Ich habe es mit drei Narren kombiniert (wir werden wie Narren behandelt, wenn wir dagegen sind), dessen Kappen auch wie Ankern - das Symbol für Hoffnung - aussehen.

Das Sticken vom mittleren Ring sollte keltisch aussehen, da das Zeichen mich an ein keltisches Ornament erinnert.

It's a small piece, about 4" x 6".

Es ist ein kleines Stück ca. 10 x 15 cm.


  1. I can see the celtic shape made by the jesters' hats. Very subtle. Lovely.

  2. Wonderful the way you have layered such meaning and symbolism into such a small piece!

  3. Wonderfully creative multitasking, Sara, and lovely result. It's joyful. Funnily enough, the biohazard symbol was on tv tonight - talk about synchronicity. I wouldn't have noticed it specifically if not for your project. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  4. It looks great ! wonderful !!!

  5. there's another story in my head when I look at your piece ( the liberty of the beholder....;)):WE are the bio-hazard to nature, WE are the jesters dancing around the golden-calf which could be, for example, a genetic-manipulated seed...
    Superbe idea to give this symbola a story and I like your piece a lot!

  6. I like your bio-hazard sign better than theirs. Lovely. Never heard the phrase before I don't think. Or is that possible.

  7. I thoroughly enjoy your art! It has whimsy and endless creativity. I bounce from one of your blogs to the next, all full of treasures, thank you for sharing.

    I don't know if you enjoy memes, but I've tagged you for a totally optional one at my blog


  8. Sara,
    es ist gut, Position zu beziehen und zu zeigen ! Und passt auch zu Deiner Kunst. Wunderbar umgesetzt ! Mir gefallen die Details, die Du beschrieben hast.

  9. Sara
    Another multilayered looks joyful then read the message. I saw the biohazard symbol immediately and yet I didn't recognize it, at first, dressed in jesters. Oh, such fools we humans are making our earth a biohazard.

    Rhode Island

  10. Sara,
    What an interesting idea! I am really impressed with your use of the colours, it really works well ( I always find these a real challenge, how to work with colours you don't use very often?). I think this design is very unusual, definitely should be a conversation piece.

  11. How wonderful!
    It's so sweet and funny.