May 15, 2018


I’m back after a while and would like to give the last explanation about the challenge and raffle.

As I’m leaving for holidays next week, I will do the raffle when I come back, on the 1st. of July.

The participants who published at least 6 photos of their work in Pinterest and/or Facebook can participate and I would be happy if they send me the photos to my private mail so that it’s easy for me to put them on the list.

The finished piece can be whatever you imagine. The use of the small blocks is up to you. I made a book with them but I put also in the Pinterest filesome other ideas at the beginning of the challenge.

I wish you happy stitching!

Apr 21, 2018

An embroidery

This is the embroidery I did in the meantime.
It's name is Love in The Enchanted Forest.

Because of the spring I rather use fabric than wool...

Apr 8, 2018

Semi-Challenge - One more page

This is the page where the prince fights with the bear that was threatening the princess.

Apr 2, 2018

Mar 27, 2018

Semi-Challenge Another page

It is going to be a book. Definitely.

Here is the little prince with his men in the woods.

I had some prints from my drawings printed with the ink-jet printer on canvas sheets.

I did more and more cut outs of the former background and collaged them together.

Mar 17, 2018

Semi-Challenge - Another Page

I am working on many pages at the same time, always doing appliqué or easy stitches.
I think my book will be finished soon if I keep on working...

This is hoy I sew the pieces together. I don't give many explanations of everything because I think that the process is pretty obvious. If you have questions, please ask!