Nov 23, 2020

You're never alone

 In between I finished this small piece I began a while ago.

Step 7

I now post the almost finished Santa so that you see the way you can work on it. Take it as a surface you can embellish and use all techniques you know that can be suitable for the piece.

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Nov 21, 2020

Pictures of the participants!

 These are the wonderful contributions to the Challenge: 

From Marjon Verhoeven:

From Marjan Wolfs:

From Oliva Garcia:

From Sarah Meek:

Step 6

 This is the progress of my piece. After this I will show my piece already finished because I couldn't stop and there was a moment where I had to stop. So now I'm going to do a second Santa to try other techniques and decorations...


I think the pictures are self explanatory. There is a huge surface left that needs to be worked on. You can use overlapped pieces of fabric. You can embroider them, sew buttons, beads, etc on them. Be creative. Everything is right. This is YOUR piece.


Nov 19, 2020

Step 5

 Thank you for all the answers to my call. I am happy to see that you are following this challenge and either do it already or plan to do it after you finish your Christmas gifts!

I would like to explain that the Santa body you are making now is going to be almost completely covered by appliqué and embroidery so don't worry if it still doesn't look quite ok for you!! :-)

I will be showing today the finished body - well, quite finished - so that you prepare for the fun of embellishing it with other fabrics and threads.

You should prepare some matching fabrics and threads in the colours you want to use. I will be doing a woods Santa so that my choice is one of natural dyed and printed fabrics. You can use whatever you like most. Christmas fabrics, some collection of fabrics you haven't used yet that is laying in some cupboard...  whatever. Try to use different kinds of fabrics, cheesecloth, tulle, gaze, cotton, sheers, etc. As for the embellishments you surely have loads of them.

Now to the Santa I'm making:

I put some fabrics on top of the Santa to see how they look like. I'm only looking at it at this point.
I think I will use some branches as arms when the moment comes...

I like to skew the face so that it doesn't look too straight.

The fabric I put under the face can work as a hat. I'm doing this:

First I fixed the fabric that is going to show under the face and be the hat. I fixed it with running stitches and small backstitches every 1cm/ 1/2"

After that I appliqué the face.

I pinched the fabric with my fingers till I got it right, the way I wanted it to be. From the front and from the back.

Now I'm happy with the way it looks.

I fixed it with some appliqué stitches.


Now you can begin with the embellishment of the Santa!

I must say that it's a wonderful surface to work on. It is very forgiving and easy to stitch.

I won't be doing a neat appliqué with turned edges (you are of course free to do if you like it, it depends on the way you want it to look at the end! I will be happy to see different outcomes) because mine is a rustic type of Santa.

It matches the woods where I walked this morning:

I would like to show you some Santas done in the group so that you can see the wonderful possibilities!:


This wonderful Santa was done by Sarah Meek. It's a great beginning!

This is also a great face from Oliva Garcia.

From Marjan Wolfs a wonderful interpretation on fabric!

Marjon Verhoeven with a big moustache!:

Please try to send them directly to Pinterest. I sent you an invite. You just have to accept it. 

Log into Pinterest and you  can upload your Santa in the Santa folder!

Nov 17, 2020

Step 4


First close the two pieces of felt with running stitches.

Close the top of the head, you should aim for a curved top:

Close it with winding stitches:

Now you should have something like this:

I only put the face on top so that you get an idea. I will sew it later.

Sew the upper part of the body to the lower one, also with running stitches.

Fill it with fleece or with wool roving. Now you will have a surface to appiqué and embroider on!

I haven't got any feedback about anybody following this challenge. Did you write to the address sending me your email address?

Because the challenge is a lot of work for me, if you are not interested there is no point on me showing you the progress of my Santa. I will post the finished Santa when I finish it.

I thought it would be a good idea for the lock down...

Nov 13, 2020

Step 3

 So happy to see back here all the ones who replied to me! I will see to open a Pinterest folder so that you can see what everybody is doing. Please send me your emails to my email on the Contact link of the blog and you will get an invite which you have to respond to. If you don‘t know how to do it please send me the photos of the development of your Santa an I will post them for you!

Now Step 3:


Take two pieces of cheese cloth of a size suitable for your face. You can see approximately the size on the photos. It is better to do cut the pieces somehow bigger because they shrink a little when they are felted. We will cut them and sew them together. One bottom side and one lateral side should have little wool on them so that you see the cheesecloth edges because this can look lovely. You see this too on the second photo where I put the face on top. 

Because the felted body is going to show between the appliqué pieces you may already use a coloured cheesecloth and wool for this step! It‘s your choice. My choice is a nature in winter type.

My two cheesecloth pieces are already felted. I put some wool roving on each side of the cheesecoth, not too much, just a thin layer, because we are going to do embroidery and appliqué on the surface of the whole Santa. Then I felted the two surfaces. You can do this with the embellisher too if you have one. We are going to fill the Santa with fleece or wool after sewing the pieces together in Step 4.


Take four pieces of cotton fabric in a natural colour. It can be other than beige because we are going to cover it with printed pieces of appliqué and embroidery.

To give some body to the Santa you should work as if you were doing a quilt sandwich, that means that you put a layer of batting between two layers of fabric. After that you baste the 3 layers with small backstitches every 2cm. See photo.