May 26, 2008

Love under the moon - Liebe unter dem Mond

I finally could work today! I don't feel good if I don't work in my studio once a day. I had so many things to do though that I spent more time at the computer than sewing or embellishing...

These little elves meet under the full moon in a May night. Love is in the air and a small angel elf watches the scene.

The piece is about 6" x 10" (with hanger) or 15 x 25 cm.

It is mainly made with the embellisher and stitched by hand.

Endlich habe ich wieder arbeiten können! Ich fühle mich ganz schlecht, wenn ich nicht mindestens einmal am Tag im Studio arbeiten kann, aber ich hatte so viel zu tun am Computer...

Diese kleine Elfen treffen sich unter dem Vollmond in einer Mainacht. Liebe ist in der Luft und ein Elfenengel segnet die Szene.

Das Stück ist ca. 15 x 25 cm (mit Aufhängung).

Es ist hauptsächlich mit dem Embellisher gemacht und hand gestickt.


  1. It is look like not possible love...

  2. So beautiful, so romantic: I really love this work of art.

  3. Love it Just love it! I love how the girl has "buttons". The flowers, wing and the moon...what a nice touch Sara, love your work so much. Wish I would have gotten to etsy first...

    Jill in Florida

  4. This piece is so sweet. Love it!

  5. I jsut love how the whole piece "hangs" together, with the wire and the moon trying not to be too nosy turning away, it's just so lovely!

  6. Delicate and romantic. On an art studio tour I visited someone who needle felted but she had just begun and her work was mostly stuffed animal. Her studio was the opposite of yours, a teeny shabby room. Blessings to you and to her for dreating such beauty out of wool.

  7. Hi Sara, I have been looking/reading your blog, going back and reading your archives. I love your work! I love your house and your studio. Mine isn't as big or old but we have similar styles, lots of "stuff" around. I love my stuff! Your art is so lovely and creative, colorful. Now I discovered your playlist and I love your songs too. I just turn it on and let it play all day, I'm learning some new artist/singers. Thanks for sharing.
    Jan in Oregon USA

  8. Hi Sara, I have been lurking for a while and love your work. I hope you don't mind but I have nominated you for an award. Please don't feel obliged to nominate more people.

  9. Love your new piece...and your studio is just amazing! All that beautiful wool! And so organized...I still want to come and play!

  10. Hi Sara!
    I`m soooo in soooo in love whith this piece of art. It will be for sell, how musch it cost?
    i`m a loverof your work, a big hug

  11. Deine Objekte mit Draht finde ich immer ganz besonders toll !