Jul 26, 2006


I want to tell everybody that I'm not going to upload much in the next weeks due to my holidays.
I keep visiting my family and don't stay at home very often.
I think in September everything is going back to normal!
Have nice holidays too!!

Jul 15, 2006

New gadget

I bought the Graphic Tablet Wacom Volito 2 and spent some time playing with it and Photoshop. I thought it would be a pity not to show where I spent 2 hours of my Saturday morning!

I like this tablet because the price is ok and you can make some tries on a drawing which allow you to erase lines easily. I can recommend it if you are only sketching and want to interact with the features of Photoshop.

Jul 12, 2006

Mixed media collage

Today I did this mixed media collage for a workshop I'm giving in a Gallery in Upper Austria. I'm going to work with this gallery from now on and I hope it will be an interesting time in my life!

The challenge is that I'm not only going to work with textiles but also with other media.

It was hard for me to find the right technique and piece to offer for the first workshop because all possibilities were open... Too much freedom!

Jul 10, 2006

Playing with logos...

I love to play with Photoshop! This is a possible Logo for a Homepage I'm imagining.

Jul 9, 2006


This piece is one of a series from Haiku I made some time ago for an online exhibition from the group "Alküns". I thought I'll show it here now because I just framed it too.

Some more pieces

I put this pieces from 2005 into frames and took some photographs before that. The "Franz Series" is done on felted cheesecloth with hand stitching. I also used Tyvek on them. I love this material!

Back home

I'm back home from the holidays and I just finished this piece for an exhibition of 49 artists that's touring Austria. I did a bigger piece as the ones I had in this series, about 16"x17" (40x45cm). The name of it is "Molting yourself" and it's about your inner garden.
It's the biggest size I put in a frame because it's easier to handle and buyers are always wondering if they have to eventually wash them if you sell the pieces unframed...
The other artists in this exhibition are working on ceramics and paintings so that I'm curious about how the viewers react to a textile piece.