Sep 30, 2010

New fabrics, sky and water

I'm very happy I found what I was looking for. The prices were like twice as much or more than in Austria though... I miss my stash!!

I was happy we have a gas stove because I didn't have my heat tool. I was able to form the rivers using a heated needle and pliers!.

The globe is taking form

I managed to get here in the morning.

and then I needed the starry sky all around and naturally I had no stash to chose from.

Then I took a little box with scraps I brought just in case... and it turned out to be this:

 This was the moment where I absolutely needed some fabrics from my stash I didn't have and now I had go to find some in the city!

Sep 29, 2010


I hadn't noticed that my comments were moderated and I was terribly sad that nobody's liking what I'm doing.

Brigitte told me that her comment didn't appear and I noticed I had 28 comments awaiting moderation!

I will answer them now, thank you all in the meantime!

Ich hatte nicht gemerkt, dass meine Kommentare moderiert waren und war ganz traurig, weil ich dachte, niemand mag was ich gerade mache.

Danke vielmals, Brigitte, Du hast mich aus meiner Traurigkeit rausgenommen! ich hatte 28 Kommentare, die zu moderieren waren!

Ich werde sie gleich beantworten. Danke vielmals in der Zwischenzeit!

A map of the world...

This piece is getting bigger because the people on them are needing space.

They are not only needing space but a whole region, map, planet.

I was thinking about this kind of landscape (that I found in this wonderful blog about cartography!)

...and found some nice things in my (reduced) stash, like this:

...or this one...

...and my little planet is coming into life.

Sep 28, 2010

Upper corner of the beginning of something

This is a bigger picture of the upper right corner.

There is light and shadows and a kind of expectation.

The story isn't there yet. They are talking about it.

Sep 27, 2010


Sitting on the balcony and enjoying Alicante...

...with my embroidery yarns...


...wonderful weather...

... and just letting the flow do the rest.

Sep 26, 2010

Wee Population...

It looks like - if I turn my eyes from the piece - some little people get hold of it...

One minute there's nothing, the other minute somebody's running  or looking around...

Even vines are creeping into the picture...

This is too weird. I'm going to drink a coffee and see if I wake up...

Sep 25, 2010

So that you see that I mean it...

adding stitching.

und wieder auf deutsch, aber ohne groƟbuchstaben: mehr sticken.

I'm back here!! No more Sheezo, Frenya and the Little Lamb

First, I would like to excuse me for changing my blogs so often.

I thought it was going to be a good idea but now I notice that I confused a lot of people (still confusing it now!!) but this is going to be once more my blog now.

Many of you just kept looking for this one. My visit cards also have this link...

And Blogger has new features now.

The only thing I will do is a new header and I will be playing around with the design.

Es tut mir leid, dass ich meine blogs so oft wechsle... es war keine gute idee. Jetzt werde ich diesen als mein hauptblog behalten. deutsch werde ich allerdings klein schreiben.