May 12, 2008

Gentle silent helpers - Sanfte leise Helfer

I just finished a piece I began at my daughter's house. I hadn't taken my materials with me and I used fabrics I found at her place. Now at home I did some embellisher work to add to the hand work.

The two small children on the piece are watched by their guardian angels without they noticing this. They keep talking about the little sheep...

I machine embroidered rather transparent the name of the piece in the sky so that you're not distracted with the words.

I also tried Jude's technique of weaving of stripes for the background.
The piece is about 15" x 14" (38 x 36 cm).

Ich habe gerade dieses Stück fertig gemach, das ich bei meiner Tochter angefangen hatte. Ich hatte keine Materialien mit, so dass ich verwendete, was ich bei ihr fand. Jetzt habe ich es mit dem Embellisher abgerundet.

Die zwei kleine Mädchen werden von ihren Schutzengeln -ohne dass sie es merken- bewacht. Sie reden unberührt dessen über ihre Lämmchen.

Ich habe den Titel des Stückes ziemlich transparent auf dem Himmel maschingestickt, so dass er nicht dominiert.

Ich habe auch eine Technik von Jude und zwar das Weben von Stoffstreifen
im Hintergrund.

Das Stück ist ca. 38 x 36 cm).


  1. This piece is truly beautiful!

  2. This is so beautiful! so rich in texture and meaning! I love your Art! This is just gorgeous! I used some fabric weaving in my last doll quilt because of Jude. She, like you, inspires me to work harder. Thank you for that! xxxooo kim

  3. oh good, we are sharing, cool. this is a really nice combo of techniques!now i need to get myself an embellisher....

  4. Sara how amazing! I love how your work is always changing. I will be looking at this for days, it is lovely!

    Jill in Florida

  5. you are amazing. i am in complete awe over your art. it really speaks to me.
    d. wolff in california

  6. Sara, I have been silently following your blog over a year without leaving a comment - because I would repeat myself again and again after each post since your art is so rich and full of beauty!!! Monika

  7. Absolutely wonderful Sara! I love the way you have mixed many techniques in one piece but they sit together very comfortably.

  8. Sara, this is awesome and so cute and beautiful! Wow, I love the colors, the texture - everything. How cool to combine crochet with fabric, great idea! Thanks for sharing, I adore that you take many close ups!

  9. Lovely piece. I adore the way you incorporate different techniques in your art.

  10. Something new! Love how you combined the crocheting and always amaze and inspire me!

  11. Sara,
    I really really love the flowers in the garden, I just bought a couple of fabric scraps with printed flowers, I'll try something like that soon!
    Your drawings are so lovely I really must save up for an airpen like yours! In the meantime I'll practise on paper..

    By the way I've launched a " one day holiday" event on my blog would you like to take part?

    read you soon!

  12. I love it Sara!
    I'm adding you to my favorite blogs if you don't mind :)

  13. Que bello trabajo!! Y el detalle de crochet me ha enamorado. Me encanta visitar tu blog y ver las cosas tan maravillosas que haces. Yo me estoy animando con la costura, pero pe pincho!! Beso

  14. I love the summery colors, and organic shape! I'm assuming you crocheted the border too! Sara, is there anything you cannot do??? Wonderful weaving technique, and the girls are so sweet! Fun how even though its different colors and new techniques for you, it's still very much a Sara Piece!!!

  15. This is such a lovely piece. I so enjoy the colors and the various elements. Delightful!

  16. Love the crochet and those beautiful variegated threads! I like how this piece is quite different to some of your others (although you have still used those beautiful faces of yours). Your art just keeps evolving!