Apr 28, 2007

The fish

This is one more part of the sampler I'm doing.

I felted some Colback to the background and used two pieces of a free form crochet thing I began two years ago. It is done out of the same wool of the roving I use. I embellished some roving between the flowers to hide the seams. I also used some organza squares on the middle. It is so funny how they get embedded in the center of the flowers when you embellish on the same spot! (I love looking at them while they are shrinking!).


I love the atmosphere at dawn in the coffee corner of my studio.

Yesterday I was drinking a cup with a friend and sun shone on all the mother of pearl buttons of my wall hanging. I had to take a picture!

Apr 27, 2007


Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
I'm working on a sampler that will take some time to be finished because I'm doing much hand work on it.

This time I want to document the process somehow...
(you ought to choose the large pictures to see the details)

I try to show different stitches and combinations with the embellisher.

I noticed by the way that if you use linen as a background for the embellisher you get rather coarse details... it is better - I think at least for my technique- to continue using felted organza.

The good part of it is that it's so easy to stitch on it. The needle just slides through!!

Nevertheless I'm having my fun here! I will use it for teaching purposes and it would be a beautiful piece for a child's room...

I'm also planning how to stitch the background. I began doing a kind of paisley with the sewing machine and a narrow zigzag (you can see this on the first picture). Because of the piece being a sampler, I will try different possibilities on it.

Apr 26, 2007

Too many blogs...and a solution for having a working Homepage at Blogger!! (for me at least)

Here I have some interesting information about an idea I got! if you are patient and read this long post to the end you will perhaps get some useful help.

First of all I'm sorry having to tell you that I canceled my blogs "Little Fabric People" and "Embellished Realm".

It was a problem to keep all going! I underestimated this... and most people were not comfortable with the different features.

I also think that most of you have no time to visit so many different blogs.

The problem was, I don't want to have a homepage because I also don't have time for that but I would need one for my "more serious work" :-) when I have to give my address to Galleries and authorities.

I came up with a solution which could also work for you if you have this problem:

I created a Blog as Homepage that's a Portal to the different information scattered in my Blogs.
You can see what I mean if you visit:


It's in German but you can get the idea! All the links help you to get to the information kept in this blog and in Flickr.

But, how to do to link to my Biography, my Workshop list with prices etc. without these information scrolling away from the top of the blog?

Here comes the great idea:

I created a second blog just for me, see this at:


and I put there all the information you need for the links in the other blog.

Here an example:

You want to see which are the new workshops I'm offering. You go to my homepage and
you see a link to
How to get to my farm. If you press this, you get to the information kept in Blog 2, no matter where it is, even if it is on another page or if you wrote it 2 years ago!

It would have scrolled down because you write all the time the themes of your new workshops or exhibition news.

And if you want to see for instance only my contemporary art pieces without seeing the pictures of my grandchildren and a glass purse I did, you get with the link
Gallery directly to my Flickr Set with these kind of pictures.

You get the idea? I hope I explained it good enough... :-) !!

Please let me know if this helped somebody!!

Apr 25, 2007

Family photographs for my blog friends

I think it's time to introduce my family. I already know so many of you and I never showed something personal, just house and art!

Grandchild #4 Rebecca (6) with something in her mouth.

Grandchild #5 Tristan (3 1/2)

Child #2 Pablo (28)

Child #5 Sophie (24)

Child # 3 Stephanie (26)

Granchild #2 Christopher (10)

Grandchild #3 Martin (10). Son in law #2 on the back.

This is the rest of me!

This is my hubby.

This is child #6 Johannes (17) with short hair, now 10 months later he has long locks.

Child #7 Markus (15) with a very strange nose on this photograph, it's really smaller as that! :-)

Grandchild #1 Isabel (13) with blue sweat shirt, child #1 Kirsten (30) white t-shirt.
(Son in law #1 to the left).

WHERE IS CHILD #4 Maximilian (24) Twin brother of Sophie??? I have no picture of him in my computer now!!

New Logo Photograph

I don't know why my last photograph disappeared. I tried to upload the same one and it didn't work, so I looked for another one.

I found this rather silly one from last summer. I bought a wonderful felted piece in Burghausen, in Germany from a felt artist and two arm warmers matching it. This winter I had no opportunity to wear them because it was unusually warm...

I had to upload it to Flickr to be able to use it for the Blogger profile and I was surprised that I got immediately (actually after 1 second!! and then after one more minute!) comments about it!

People really want to see how you look like and I didn't realize that I haven't shown many of me or my family. I'm going to upload some, just to get "real", I think...

Angel Franz

Angel Franz
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
From all Saint I like St. Francis the most. It appeals me that he was very environment friendly at a time where nature didn't meant much. He loved all nature, animals and mankind.

Because of that I began a series about him some years ago and I'm finishing it now.

I began it at Cesky Krumlov (Krumau) where I rented a little house in this amazing Middle Age Czech city.
I had taken my sewing machine with me and the surroundings extremely inspired me. I did many sketches
that I used in my art after that.

Here you see Franz blessing the skies, the fields and the seas...


Franz and the Moon

Franz and the Moon
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
...and here he blesses the moon, the sky and the fields.


Franz and the Birds

Franz and the Birds
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
Here blesses Franz the birds, the sky and the lakes.


Franz and the Birds 2

Franz and the Birds 2
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
Here is Franz blessing the birds (a lot of them!)



Franz and the Cats

Franz and the Cats
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
This is Franz as a cat, blessing the cats.


Apr 24, 2007

Lady with the dragonfly

Lady with the dragonfly
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
I'm getting addicted to these technique...

It is made in the same way I did the Carpe Diem Angel.

This time I gave the lady a Chinese dragonfly. She remembers me somehow how the Chinese ladies many centuries ago looked like...

Its size is about 10"x5"(25x12cm).


Apr 22, 2007

Carpe Diem Angel


This angel is made with the embellisher and the sewing machine. It is hand embroidered with self dyed threads.

It is 10"x6" (25x15cm).

If you want to know more details about it, please read the post in my
other blog "Embellished Realm".

Orange Angel


I did this angel for a friend, who asked me to do her something.

I think I'm going to do more of them. The second one in the series is the Carpe Diem Angel.

You can read in my blog Embellished Realm how it was done.

Apr 20, 2007

My choice of Thinking Blogger Award

These are my favorite Blogs for the Award:

1.Spirit Cloth.

2. My life, my values, my art

3. Judy Scott

4. Grumpy Shopkeeper

5. Drawn!

There are wonderful blogs out there and many friends that I didn't mention, but I thought I must honor the "Thinking" as much as the "Visual Treat"...

Thinking blogger award

I have been chosen by Beate for the Thinking Blogger Award. This is about blogs that make you think and if you receive the award you must write to other 5 blogs to make you think, so that friend bloggers you know can follow these interesting links back to the source of this award.

I don't like chain letters but this is something different. You lose time looking for interesting blogs and now you can follow a path through bloggers with the same interests.

I will think about 5 blogs that inspire me and I will post it soon in this blog.

Apr 17, 2007

Garden Walk Through

I want to invite you to a spring walk through in my garden and new terrace.

You can find it at my Flickr Album.

It is the path that leads from the studio to the terrace on the field border.

Apr 16, 2007

Surface texture

India Dreams
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
The thing I liked the most was the wonderful texture this piece had.

You can also read about it in my blog Embellished Realm, there is a quiz to solve!


India Dreams

India Dreams
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
I tried once more other possibilities with the embellisher.

The sheep is a reference to the dreams (because you count sheep to get asleep!...and there are stars around it).

The figure ought to be an Indian Goddess.

The piece is about 11"x7 1/2" (27x18cm).

If you want to read about the process, please visit my blog Embellished Realm, there is a quiz to solve!


Apr 14, 2007

Springy weekend

Spring is really here at last. I can work in my studio because I already have about 20°C without heating.

My DH with one of my children are working on the path to the sitting place in the garden (as you can see on the photo, well you only see one of my children there...)

I took the picture with the blossoms in the early morning and the other one now at midday.

You can see weeds blooming on the yellow canvas covering some roof batten. They look so healthy, not like the plants I take care of!!!

Apr 11, 2007

Little Madonna with silk cocoon

Today I did this little Madonna. She is a small doll, about 10" (25cm) tall, made with the embellisher and stitched by hand.

I wanted to try a doll using this machine and I also used heated Colback in two colors.

A stitched self dyed silk cocoon hangs from the doll.

You can find her in my shop at Etsy. SOLD.

Apr 9, 2007

Easter Egg

Easter Egg
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
I've seen this gadget on the site of Beate

I liked it so much I created one too!

Apr 6, 2007

Easter Greetings

I wish you all wonderful Easter holidays!

This is a quilt I did a couple of years ago.