Apr 28, 2008


Tomorrow I'm leaving for Germany once more for a workshop . This time at the Atelier from Gabi Tisch.

I will be back next week on Friday!

Morgen fahre ich zur Gabi Tisch um einen Workshop zu halten.

Ich werde nächste Woche am Freitag zurück sein!


  1. oh wow I am very jealous, hope you had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing the beautiful results and the treasures you create, Judy :)

  2. Hi Sara. Hope it was a good workshop. As a welcome back gift please check into my blog as I would like to give you an award for your beautiful blog.

  3. Lettting everyone from my link list know that my 10,000th visitor is coming soon, and that lucky person will be receiving a gift - take a peek!

  4. I am so in love with "The Ladybug Garden". It is fun... and lovely... and whimsical. Your work is beautiful. I think you'd be a wonderful woman to have lunch with and hear all your stories and thoughts. I lived in Southern Germany for a year where I taught school and my oldest daughter was born. I missed my opportunity.

  5. Hi Sara. There is an award for you over at my blog, you don't have to pass it on if you don't want, I just wanted you to know how happy I am that I found your blog.

  6. lovely sara, i like how you are combining technology with hand work.