Jun 13, 2007

Working with the Embellisher Workshop

I want to announce in my English blog too that I'm having a workshop with the embellisher from the 24th to the 26th of August 2007.

It is meant for 2-4 participants because we want to have lots of time and space for working and trying the possibilities of this machine.

The price of the workshop with B&B included in an separate apartment in our house near to the studio with a common bad and toilette for the participants is 200€. I have 2 double rooms and one single room. With single room the price is 220€.

100€ are to be payed with Paypal or EU-money order when you receive the confirmation of participation.

If you cancel thirty days or more before the beginning of a class, you will receive a refund minus a 10€ cancellation fee. If you cancel later than thirty days till one week before the beginning of the class, you will receive a refund of 50€ minus a 10€ cancellation fee. If you cancel a week or less before the beginning of the class there is no refund. You can use the amount you payed without any deduction if you inscribe for another future class - this can only be made once.

Participants can be fetched from and brought again to the railway station St. Pölten for the cost of the diesel fuel.

If it is necessary for us to cancel a class, students will be notified and offered another class or a full refund.

I'd like to get to know some faces behind the computer screens!!

I'm having holidays from the 15th June to the 1st July. After the 15th I'm only going to be able to answer your applications if I find an internet café, if not you will receive an answer after the 1st of July.

The place is booked after receiving the payment if you already received the confirmation of participation.

You can be put under waiting list.

If you want a prolongation of the workshop and work on the studio as "embellisher holiday" the fee will be 50€/day of prolongation. You can stay as much as a week altogether. This is specially meant for participants who live abroad!

Jun 12, 2007


I'm having holidays from the 15th June to the 1st July 2007.

I don't have a notebook so that I can't go into the internet in this period.

Now I have two more days to prepare things.

I will miss you all!! :-)

Jun 11, 2007

Collab with Cecilia Levy

Here are the pictures of this collaboration for "The Library":

Cecilia did the wood drawings and I wanted to put more fabric into the book this time, so that I gave him a textile wood surface and some ants..

Jun 10, 2007

First workshop at my studio!

Today was the last day of the weekend workshop at my studio.

We had great fun with the embellisher! The three ladies had never worked with the machine before (one of them even opened the package with her new machine at the studio!)

This one was done by the lady who only tried the embellisher once at home:

This one was done by the lady who doesn't have an embellisher and used mine:

...and this one was done by the lady who unpacked the brand new machine at the studio!:

They did great job and I could even finish a piece I did demonstrating the possibilities of the embellisher. It is about 20"x15".

I must say that all three ladies do great art quilts too! now they have found a new way to put their ideas into fabric (and wool! :-))!

Jun 8, 2007

Yo-yo tutorial

You find a wonderful Yo-yo tutorial with the Clover tool at Lazy Girl Designs

You can even download it as a PDF-file!

Thank you, Lazy Girl (you are not THAT lazy!! :-))

You can use it to do my barnacle throw.

Jun 6, 2007

Pillow tutorial

Today I sew a pillow for my mother who comes to visit me from Argentina:

It was a wonderful way of using the embellisher.

You can do this with any curtain or upholstery fabric (I had a kind of polyester one - rather shiny - I bought yesterday in a sale).

First I put the fabric on top of a cotton batting:

and basted it with security needles (not many) so that I keep an eye on the shrinking!:

I punched the whole fabric to the batting:

After this I felted the flowers on the print with small pieces of wool, following the paint strokes.

I also mixed the yellow wool roving with a little red one so that it looked more like painting.

I hand stitched with my self dyed variegated threads and running stitch the leave contours.

I used alternatively an outline and a running stitch for the flower contours:

I punched yellow organza from the back (not moving the embellisher) so that I got dots to do the background more interesting:

I did some free machine embroidery over some part of the print with a light zig zag:

I appliqué 4 pieces of check fabric to improve the design and stitched over these:

I did the piping with the embellisher. It is the most wonderful tool to do this!!!:

I put a cord on a strip of the check fabric and punched the borders together very near to the cord.

For the back I took a yellow tapestry fabric and sew a zip on it.

And here is one more detail of the pillow where you can see the piping:


Jun 4, 2007


I did this matrioshka with 6 dolls with the embellisher.

I felted all the pieces out of wool roving. This is one of the things you don't want to do with this machine... I broke about 7 needles and I ought to have done it with the traditional felting method, I mean wet! It was a good experience though...

The felt is quite stable. For the biggest doll (15") -the smallest is 2"- I used a piece of Thermolan as a base (which did the whole thing even thicker and caused the needle breakage, but this was because I also used many layers of wool...).

I'm happy with the end result. They can stand (if no wind) and children love them (I won't let them play with them though....)

Jun 3, 2007


I experimented with the embellisher to see what 3d surfaces you can get and got these forms.

They look interesting and I'm thinking about the use I can give them...

Little Princess - Season 2

Now begins the season 2 of the series of the Little Princess. She is traveling to the States to Ruth Rae and is so happy to emigrate to the States!

She just wanted to say good bye to the woods of Austria before she left and let me take her picture near some mushrooms...

And then she just laid in the sun dreaming of the exciting flight...

...and before that she got her name stamped on her back for customs to know they must treat her like a princess!!

Jun 2, 2007

Little Princess

While the queen mother was having some personality problems, the little princess decided to sit by her and keep her company...

She wanted to show her the small silver flower she got from Austria...


I want to show you the way I display this kind of pieces.

I like to accentuate the organic feeling of them putting them in a group of something that is organic too.

I don't care about dust because I only need to tap them from time to time.

The Discovery of Evil

This is my last piece. I found a wonderful possibility with the embellisher for the background and I think I will explain it in the tutorial for Fibre&Stitch in December...

I let fly my imagination and came up with some techniques I want to keep in my repertoire.

I used once more one of my ceramic heads, I love to use them! and some stones as beads.
I used silk roving in the globus.

I wanted to let it look somehow like a medieval manuscript (I can't get rid of these!) :-) so I put a kind of seal on the lower right. Here I embedded some lace and used mother of pearl buttons.

I had my fun with it! The little guy standing on the globe represents the sun.