Aug 31, 2006


This is a wallhanging I did some years ago and I took some photographs of it today with some details.
I used wool on cheese cloth with self made paper, organzas, some bits of many things and Tyvek.

Back from the holidays

Now I'm back from the holidays and I'm taking it easy, so I did these two knights to serve me in the studio, they carry my tote bags inside.

Aug 21, 2006

Summer stitchery

I'm not really back from the holidays because this week I'm travelling to Germany till Sunday, but I wanted to upload a stitchery I made these last weeks. I wanted to try some new materials -gardening foil and acrylic pearlscent inks- and I used hand and machine stitching.
One more thing! I managed not to put some faces on this one!! :-)