Dec 12, 2016

Free embroidery - Freies Sticken - Broderie libre

I am doing a throw for my bed. I use a bed sheet as a background and I work on it with different techniques: appliqué, crochet, knitting, quilting... I also use all bits and ends I find in my studio and the old fabrics I inherited from my mother.

Je suis en train de faire une couverture pour mon lit. J'utilise beacoup de techniques différentes d'une facon très libre: applications, patchwork, broderie, crochet, tricot... Comme ca je peux utiliser beaucoup de petites pièces que je trouve dans mon atelier et les tissus antiques de ma mère...

Ich mache gerade einen Überwurf für mein Bett. Ich verwende dafür viele Techniken, wie Patchwork, Appliqué, Sticken, Stricken, Häkeln... Auch verwende ich alle kleine angefangenen Stückchen, die ich in meinem Studio finde und die Stoffe, die ich von meiner Mutter geerbt habe.,,

Dec 4, 2016

Slow Cloth

I am doing a throw for my bed for the summer.

For this purpose I am doing some appliqué with the fabrics I dyed.

I will cover the sheet with the dyed fabrics.

Dec 1, 2016

Dyeing... (S.V.P utiliser le traducteur) (Bitte, Übersetzer verwenden)

I would like to appologize for not translating the blog at this time. It is better for you to use the translator than for me not writing at all and therefore not having new blog entries! Life in Buenos Aires is too much for me and I don't seem to have time even to work on my pieces like I have when I'm in Austria in the country. This city is a pulsing one, intense and demanding!!!!

I am doing some experiments with dyeing. I used some cuttings of some bush in the sidewalk outside my house (now that I live in the city I can't be too choosy...) and of course I have no idea of which plant they were... I used them though to dye some of the fabrics I inherited from my mother and they gave a wonderful pink colour (I would never have thought that they would give pink!).

My dyeing recipe:

* equal weight of plants and fabric
* cook the plants for an hour in some water (enough to cover the fabric after the process - it will evaporate so that you should add water to it if you  notice this...
* at the same time simmer the fabric in an amount of salted water (I used a big tablespoon of seasalt for doing this), just enough to cover the fabric - put it in a small recipient.
*After an hour wring the fabric and sieve the plant material from the dye pot (I used an old aluminium pot) and discard it. Use the water to simmer the fabric for one hour. After this I turned off the heat and left the fabric in the dye bad overnight.
*wring, dry and iron it


For the yellow I used the wonderful jacaranda flower leaves you find in Buenos Aires at the time. They have the most beautiful violet color!!
Forget the jacaranda, it didn't work, haha!!
As I noticed this wasn't going to work I added 1 tablespoon turmenic/curcuma/ to the water and I got a beautiful yellow instead!