Jun 28, 2014

Article about my work in Plateform magazine - Aussi pour mes amis francais!

I love this online magazine and they were so kind to print an article about me and my work. It is in French.

Jun 13, 2014

Challenge - Page 8

This is the cover of my booklet. There are still some work to be done on it. First because we must see how to bind the pages next time and second because there is going to be more done after that decision. Detail work to give him a final special touch!

I am posting the details to the challenge members today for catching up with my late posting of last Sunday!

Jun 8, 2014

Jun 1, 2014

Challenge - Feedback for you all

I would like to than you for all your entries. They are so many I can't keep track with them and I would be sorry not to go into detail for each of them. 

Because of that I want to tell you that you are ALL doing wonderful work and I am so happy to have born this challenge into life to have a chance to see and show how people are working on wonderful things at home and publicly.

It is a big satisfaction to enable you to interact and learn from another.

Thank you for being there, keep creating and enjoying!!

Challenge - Page 6

Children with kites