Apr 26, 2007

Too many blogs...and a solution for having a working Homepage at Blogger!! (for me at least)

Here I have some interesting information about an idea I got! if you are patient and read this long post to the end you will perhaps get some useful help.

First of all I'm sorry having to tell you that I canceled my blogs "Little Fabric People" and "Embellished Realm".

It was a problem to keep all going! I underestimated this... and most people were not comfortable with the different features.

I also think that most of you have no time to visit so many different blogs.

The problem was, I don't want to have a homepage because I also don't have time for that but I would need one for my "more serious work" :-) when I have to give my address to Galleries and authorities.

I came up with a solution which could also work for you if you have this problem:

I created a Blog as Homepage that's a Portal to the different information scattered in my Blogs.
You can see what I mean if you visit:


It's in German but you can get the idea! All the links help you to get to the information kept in this blog and in Flickr.

But, how to do to link to my Biography, my Workshop list with prices etc. without these information scrolling away from the top of the blog?

Here comes the great idea:

I created a second blog just for me, see this at:


and I put there all the information you need for the links in the other blog.

Here an example:

You want to see which are the new workshops I'm offering. You go to my homepage and
you see a link to
How to get to my farm. If you press this, you get to the information kept in Blog 2, no matter where it is, even if it is on another page or if you wrote it 2 years ago!

It would have scrolled down because you write all the time the themes of your new workshops or exhibition news.

And if you want to see for instance only my contemporary art pieces without seeing the pictures of my grandchildren and a glass purse I did, you get with the link
Gallery directly to my Flickr Set with these kind of pictures.

You get the idea? I hope I explained it good enough... :-) !!

Please let me know if this helped somebody!!


  1. Sara this is very helpful.I'm having the same problem of keeping my 'proper' website up to date.I also started a blog on vox for this purpose but I think your idea is a much better solution.Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Sara, interesting that this question of multiple blogs was also happening with you - I like your solution.
    Perhaps I should also add a word of warning about totally deleting your old blogs, if you have worked up a following then delete that blog it is often grabbed by spammers to use as those awful blogs that are just full of advertising links - it's better to say that you are not updating that blog anymore and just let it sit.
    There is more about that subject here: http://bloggerstatusforreal.blogspot.com/2006/03/warning-do-not-delete-your-blog.html

  3. thank you for reading the post, I tried to explain it the best I can.

    thank you, Erica, for the warning. It came late alas... Now I recall this happening with my first blog. The good thing is that it wasn't linked with relevant sites yet. I hope there's no trouble...

  4. This is a brilliant idea Sara! Very helpful! Thanks for sharing!