Apr 25, 2007

New Logo Photograph

I don't know why my last photograph disappeared. I tried to upload the same one and it didn't work, so I looked for another one.

I found this rather silly one from last summer. I bought a wonderful felted piece in Burghausen, in Germany from a felt artist and two arm warmers matching it. This winter I had no opportunity to wear them because it was unusually warm...

I had to upload it to Flickr to be able to use it for the Blogger profile and I was surprised that I got immediately (actually after 1 second!! and then after one more minute!) comments about it!

People really want to see how you look like and I didn't realize that I haven't shown many of me or my family. I'm going to upload some, just to get "real", I think...

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful family, Sara! I want to tell you that I am a daily reader of your blog. I love your work! One kiss from me and another from Pico (my island).