Apr 25, 2007

Angel Franz

Angel Franz
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
From all Saint I like St. Francis the most. It appeals me that he was very environment friendly at a time where nature didn't meant much. He loved all nature, animals and mankind.

Because of that I began a series about him some years ago and I'm finishing it now.

I began it at Cesky Krumlov (Krumau) where I rented a little house in this amazing Middle Age Czech city.
I had taken my sewing machine with me and the surroundings extremely inspired me. I did many sketches
that I used in my art after that.

Here you see Franz blessing the skies, the fields and the seas...



  1. sara, tks for explaining.... i was just about to ask who this FRANZ was! great series.love all those stitches.

  2. Sara, I like ALL of these! Lovely.........