Apr 25, 2007

Family photographs for my blog friends

I think it's time to introduce my family. I already know so many of you and I never showed something personal, just house and art!

Grandchild #4 Rebecca (6) with something in her mouth.

Grandchild #5 Tristan (3 1/2)

Child #2 Pablo (28)

Child #5 Sophie (24)

Child # 3 Stephanie (26)

Granchild #2 Christopher (10)

Grandchild #3 Martin (10). Son in law #2 on the back.

This is the rest of me!

This is my hubby.

This is child #6 Johannes (17) with short hair, now 10 months later he has long locks.

Child #7 Markus (15) with a very strange nose on this photograph, it's really smaller as that! :-)

Grandchild #1 Isabel (13) with blue sweat shirt, child #1 Kirsten (30) white t-shirt.
(Son in law #1 to the left).

WHERE IS CHILD #4 Maximilian (24) Twin brother of Sophie??? I have no picture of him in my computer now!!


  1. how nice to meet your family!

  2. Oh thank you Sara for sharing your family photos! They are so many and so beautiful! No wonder you are so artfully inspired. You have so many lovely people blessings : )

  3. thank you for your words! I wanted to share something and make this blog more down to earth!

  4. Sara! I love seeing all of you! and your family is delightful... what fun it seems you all have together...
    Hugs to you!

  5. Congratulations Sara! You have such a nice family! Happy mother, wife and grandmother!!
    Thank you for sharing the photos.

  6. One big happy family... you are truly blessed!

  7. Child #7?!!!! Wow! Nice family!

  8. It is so nice to see photo's of your family Sara! You all look so happy. You have lots of children :)

    Am sure your children and grandchildren love you very much.

  9. so nice to see the whole "bunch" :o) Ach wie schoen, da ist sicher immer ganz viel los bei Euch

  10. It is wonderful to see your family. Of course I met your husband before but you truly have a handsome family Sara.

  11. thank you, erla, you must come visit once more!