Apr 14, 2007

Springy weekend

Spring is really here at last. I can work in my studio because I already have about 20°C without heating.

My DH with one of my children are working on the path to the sitting place in the garden (as you can see on the photo, well you only see one of my children there...)

I took the picture with the blossoms in the early morning and the other one now at midday.

You can see weeds blooming on the yellow canvas covering some roof batten. They look so healthy, not like the plants I take care of!!!


  1. What a gorgeous view you have, weeds or not!

  2. So good for you that the spring have came, and you can work in the studio :-))

  3. I love spring too, because I can do my creativity in my garden !

  4. Oh Sara, what a wonderful place you have to live and work. No wonder your art is so amazing! You live and breathe amongst God's inspiration every day of your life. You are truly blessed.

    Cathie (Clevelandgirlie)