Apr 16, 2007

India Dreams

India Dreams
Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
I tried once more other possibilities with the embellisher.

The sheep is a reference to the dreams (because you count sheep to get asleep!...and there are stars around it).

The figure ought to be an Indian Goddess.

The piece is about 11"x7 1/2" (27x18cm).

If you want to read about the process, please visit my blog Embellished Realm, there is a quiz to solve!



  1. The flower answer is "Poppies"

    (I couldn't get into your Vox account).

    Lovely piece.

  2. Sara,I absolutely love this piece.What a lovely dream to have!

  3. Tara, I see I didn't explain very well what I mean with this question. Please read the new explanation on the blog! :-)