Apr 27, 2007


Originally uploaded by Sara Lechner.
I'm working on a sampler that will take some time to be finished because I'm doing much hand work on it.

This time I want to document the process somehow...
(you ought to choose the large pictures to see the details)

I try to show different stitches and combinations with the embellisher.

I noticed by the way that if you use linen as a background for the embellisher you get rather coarse details... it is better - I think at least for my technique- to continue using felted organza.

The good part of it is that it's so easy to stitch on it. The needle just slides through!!

Nevertheless I'm having my fun here! I will use it for teaching purposes and it would be a beautiful piece for a child's room...

I'm also planning how to stitch the background. I began doing a kind of paisley with the sewing machine and a narrow zigzag (you can see this on the first picture). Because of the piece being a sampler, I will try different possibilities on it.


  1. This will be a great piece when finished. I am still very new to using the embellisher and am having trouble sometimes.

    When you use a background piece with a tighter weave, do you use only one needle? I have the Janome Xpression and I have to use either five needles or one needle.

  2. thank you mattias and micki!

    micki, i also have the janome and i use mostly the 5 needles, the one needle only when i have to work with a knitting wool (only one strand). I found that linen is not very good, you get holes while working with the 5 needles... you can cheat but i'm not very fond of the result, quite coarse as i said...
    the ideal base is for me cheesecloth and then wool on top, or perhaps cheesecloth/wool roving/cheesecloth/wool roving(very light layers of each of them). I adore to stitch on this!!

  3. Sara, this is lovely. I look forward to seeing how you continue with it. You are right, this combination of embellisher and stitchery is perfect for your kind of work! I love it!

  4. beautiful blog! i love your fiber work...these little faces are just precious; are they painted or stitched?

  5. Wow! this looks amazing! I can't wait to see the finished piece. I've not been doing much work lately, so I'm glad to be able to see such gorgeous work that others are doing.

  6. beautiful I love the subtle colours and those delicate little faces. I cannot wait to see the finished article.