Oct 31, 2010


At the end of the world there were these monsters. The patagons.
Am Ende der Welt gab es diese Monster. Die Patagonen.

I think the first people getting to the south corner of South-America saw them from the ship and were in need of glasses.
Ich glaube, daß die erste Leute, die zum untersten Eck von Südamerika gelingen, sahen sie vom Schiff aus und hatten Brillen bitter nötig.

Despite all this some found they way to my Globus.
Trotzdem haben sich welche in meinen Globus eingeschlichen. 

And the hand tried hard to stop them...
Und die Hand versuchte vergebens sie zu stoppen...

What's all this fuss about? We have a problem with symbols. Snakes must be evil even if they are very useful little animals. The poor patagons were exterminated by the conquerors (or their maladies). They could live naked in the cold but couldn't survive civilization...
Was ist eigentlich dieser Unsinn? Wir haben ein Symbolenproblem. Schlangen müssen böse sein obwohl sie ganz nützliche kleine Tiere sind. Die armen Patagonen wurden von den Conquistadores (oder durch ihre geschleppten Krankheiten) wegradiert. Sie hatten nackt in der Kälte Jahrtausende überlebt aber wurden durch die Zivilisation ausgelöscht...


  1. I do like the monster with just one big foot! Mankind was very arrogant in thinking that peoples who were different should be eradicated. I love that glimpse of a medieval map or chart and think that this piece of work is going to be something really special.

  2. poor patagons indeed. why do we think our way of living is always the right way?

  3. I'm sure the artist who made the woodcutting for these Patagones was just having a laugh when he made them. And afterwards he couldn't or wouldn't change his funny story.... Are we still believing all this? (They surely needed glasses .. and didn't have them!)

  4. this piece is giving many insights...

  5. Your work is so beautiful! I am always glad when I get over hear to see what you are up to.Like the patagons!

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