Oct 27, 2010

Back to Purgatory - Zurück zum Fegefeuer

Today they turned the heat on. Poor souls!
Heute haben sie die Heizung aufgedreht, arme Seelen!

But after the initial scary moment they noticed these are only Mardi Gras paper band swirls.
Doch bei näherer Betrachtung entpuppten sich die Flammen als Faschingspapierbänder.

In Purgatory they only use psycho torture, not the actual flames. If not the souls would turn black and they couldn't eventually enter Heaven that way!
Im Fegefeuer verwenden sie nur Psychofolter, keine echte Flammen. Sonst würden sie Seelen schwarz werden und so können sie nicht später im Himmel auftauchen!


  1. love love love these! hauntingly beautiful! i love the colors! (: someday i will be talented and creative! your work is amazing!...blessings...s...

  2. Isn't it a bit "double" Sara: THEY turned the heat on ?????? ;-)
    Great these hot swirls.
    And I love your angels in the post before this one. The blue felt: did you make that with the embellisher or was it felt you dyed yourself? (I'm still thinking of buying an embellisher ..)

  3. I can't wait for this piece to be finished and see it as a whole. I am greedy!

  4. sarah, you are already talented!
    els, it can be cold in purgatory with the heat down... I am doing wet felting here but I can recommend the embellisher if you want fast results and a combination of material1
    heather, you will have to wait, I really want a slow cloth this time and doing much thinking...

  5. You must have had the same teachers as I did! Purgatory was a big feature of my education.

  6. Cool fire! ;)


  7. Me encanta leer tu historia todos los dias....nos estas malacostumbrando......Hermoso!

  8. hoy no sigue, sorry.... estoy haciendo un chal de nuno...