Nov 2, 2010

Coat of Arms - Wappen

My favorite wild animal is on the coat of arms with the name of the map.
Mein Lieblingswildtier ist auf dem Wappen mit dem Namen der Landkarte.

I have done extra work on this. The small pieces are extra wet felted. I like the locks of the silk, they look life waves foam...
Dafür habe ich mich verausgabt und Miniteile naß gefilzt. Ich mag die Locken der Seide, sie sehen wie Wellenschaum aus...


  1. So much work on this little motif - I enjoyed taking a closer look to admire your tiny stitches and all the details.

  2. it's actually not finished yet. I will continue tomorrow because I just wanted to take a picture before the sun disappeared!

  3. Beautiful! This is indeed your coat of arms!

  4. thank you, anneli, i am pondering all possibilities mini wet felting gives you. i love to do these small pieces (about 2-3"/5cm) with silk on top. you could put them together somehow and do little stitcheries on them...