Oct 5, 2010

Menina on the landscape - Menina auf der Landschaft

I'm carrying the idea of the menina (maid of honour) with me for a while.
Ich trage due Idee der Menina (Ehrendame) mit mir schon eine Weile.

These wide skirts and hair are something I think about when I think of Spain.
Diese breite Röcke und Haare sind etwas woran ich denke, wenn ich an Spanien denke. 

I had to try one...
Ich mußte Eine versuchen...

...and put her on the landscape.

...und sie auf die Landschaft stellen.

Just for a while.
Nur für eine Weile.


  1. hola Sara!!!!!!!!!!
    divina tu Menina!!! me encantó
    un beso desde Argentina

  2. Your little menina is so sweet and very elegant. I have treated myself to a copy of your book and am eagerly waiting for it to arrive.

  3. Sara,cada dia busco con alegria y anticipacion ver que hay nuevo en tu blog y la hermosura de tus obras de arte,la riqueza de tu imaginacion es infinita....

  4. Graciela y Gabriela, muchas gracias por los comentarios! la verdad es que España me inspira...
    Heather, please enjoy the book!
    thank you, Inga!

  5. thank you, she is really going to fly because I intend to hang her from the top of her head!

  6. she is just lovely! every girl needs a poofy dress!

  7. Fabulous, I love everything about her.

  8. thank you, sometimes I woud need one too!

  9. Ymm, Yumm, Yumm, loove the little spanish character with her wide hair and dress...such beautiful stitchery...thank you for sharing...xx..julia

  10. julia, I would like to do some more because I love the form as background for stitching.