Jun 16, 2008

Resolutions revisited - Vorhaben bearbeitet

After visiting the tax office today and after the conversations I had there I noticed that it's not so easy to get out of the world as I thought... But I got a positive solution for my bookkeeping. One I can live with.

I also noticed I can't be as self sufficient as I would like to be and that the tax office won't let me pay the taxes in kind...

This means I will continue to sell in an easygoing way at Etsy but I will increase the interaction, exchange of information, free tutorials and collaborative projects in the blog as I said. I really want to share many things with you all and do swaps.

Nachdem ich heute beim Finanzamt war und nach den Konversationen, die ich drüben geführt habe, habe ich gemerkt, dass ich nicht so einfach aus der Welt aussteigen kann als ich dachte...
Aber ich habe eine gute Lösung für meine Buchhaltung bekommen. Eine, mit der ich leben kann.

Ich habe auch gemerkt, dass ich nicht so selbtversorgerisch leben kann als ich dachte und dass das Finanzamt keine Waren als Bezahlung annimmt...

Das bedeutet, dass ich weiter in einer gemütlichen Weise bei Etsy verkaufen werde aber den
Blog vermehrt für Austausch von Informationen verwenden , freie Workshops anbieten und kollaborative Projekte starten werde, wie ich mir vorgenommen habe.

Also, would it be a good idea to sell some of the patterns of the smaller pieces I do so that more of you have access to them? I would be happy to get a feedback here. I would have more time to do bigger pieces this way. I can send them as e-patterns with no shipping costs... Of course the originals have more background diversity and work as I can possibly explain.

Auch möchte ich fragen, ob es eine gute Idee wäre, einige Anleitungen für kleinere Stücke in Etsy zu verkaufen, so dass mehr von Euch Zugang zu ihnen habt. Ich würde so mehr Zeit haben, an grössere Stücke zu arbeiten. Ich kann sie als E-Anleitungen (als Anhang von einer Email) senden, ohne Portokosten... Natürlich die Originale sind komplexer da ich mehr Arbeit am Hintergrund mache als zu erklären möglich wäre!

I look forward for your comments!

Ich freue mich auf Kommentare!


  1. I would love to see some of your patterns available to purchase. Your work is wonderful.

  2. Das finanzamt................... würden die keinen kurs in menschlichkeit als zahlung annehmen?
    Alles liebe

  3. Sounds like a wonderful idea,I would be interested in e-patterns, I just love your art. Judith.

  4. Sara
    I love watching the progress of your work. I mostly make my own wet felt but do some embellisher work with lots of handwork with beads on smaller pieces. I'm not interested in patterns but would love to swap at some time.

    Good luck with the tax people. I have tried off and on most of my life to try to live "off the grid" but "they" make it so hard.

    Rhode Island

  5. We aren't allowed to be 'off the radar' they cannot bear the thought of not being in control. Big brother is well and truly with us.

  6. I dont yet try felting but am getting ready with some wool and now to gather the rest of the equipment. So I personally would be interested in a pattern perhaps a bit down the line. Good idea Sarah.

  7. Your philosophy is kind, to be able to share with others. And to still sell on etsy is a good thing, I think. You can still do trades too.
    The tax people control all of our lives. I need to sell art to support my income.

  8. I think your patterns would be great in your etsy shop. I am so glad you are sort of "sorting" things out tax wise and that we will still be able to buy some of your gorgeous art from your etsy shop.

  9. (?? Blogger stopped working for a minute and lost my message.. I hope you won't get this twice.)

    I'd love to do swaps!! E-patterns sound really good and you could have a gallery of your customers' works!
    But do you need a lot of specialist equipment to maek one of your pieces? Do you need an embellisher for exemple? In any case I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have in mind!

  10. I'm so happy about all comments you sent! It helps me to see what you say.
    My patterns would be for the embellisher because it's my only tool besides a sewing machine and my hand.

  11. I have had all those problems with tax and accounts and every year I pay an accountant a sum way out of proportion to the amount I earn to sort out my tax return.Insurance is another story!

  12. Super-Idee! Ich hab mir gleich das erste tutorial gekauft...