Jun 8, 2008

New Poll!- Comments

I would be happy if you answer the question of this new poll on the right column of the blog. I don't mean it only for my blog but as a general information to all of you who perhaps have the same worry.

I'm always wondering if everybody reads the answers to the comments they make or not.

I cherish so much the nice words you always have for my art and I would like to reply to all of you and say thanks. I have a bad conscience because I can't answer all of them...

I would suggest that if you have questions you really want me to answer you better send them per email. I noticed some people happen to ask questions in the comments and I don't think they read the answers there (I always forget to look for the answers to the comments I made and I suppose this happens to other people too). Time is such a scarce thing...

Thank you for answering!


  1. Thanks for doing this, Sara! I only occasionally remember to check back for answers to my questions - mostly because if anyone asks me a specific question in the comments I always try and remember to email them directly, if they have left their email address. The tick box which sends you new comments automatically is useful too, although I find I don't use it very often because sometimes I get inundated with other comments I don't want!!!

  2. I never know the real blog etiquette for the comments section, so I tend to post a comment that doesn't need a response. If I have a question for the blogger I try to find an email address. :o)

  3. Oh Sara..I am wracked with guilt about comments. I don't remember where I've left them so I can't go back and check. I never answer in my own blog becasue I feel that artificially inflates the number and its always nice to have a lot of comments from other people. I end up going to people's blogs and answering there if I can. I wish it was bit easier like flickr where you can check 'recent activity' and 'comments you've made' So rry for long answer. (By the way I went to Art of the Stitch today and wasn't very excited.)

  4. Yes, I like Flickr's 'recent activity' and 'comments you've made' features, too.

    And I forget where I've made comments so I often don't go back to find answers. I'm more likely to find answers if they are made in a subsequent post ... 'one of my readers asked... blah, blah, '.

    Regarding responses that are made to the person's email -- I get very confused when blog responses turn up in my email. I think it is best if the exchange is kept in the public domain of the blog and not taken 'private' into email. If everyone read the question on the blog, surely everyone can read the answer?

  5. I dont go back to check comments - Once I have read it - i dont have time to keep rechecking the comments, and often I cant remember which blogs I commented on. On my own blog i answer questions by email, or in the next post. i feel it is a bit arrogant to assum that people are so interested in my blog they will keep coming back to read comments. Ps i have only just found your blog - lovely work - it looked familiar then i realised i had admired you cuckoo mothers in quilting arts magazine. well done.

  6. Lately I have found myself having lengthy discussions back and forth with people in my comments section as they ask questions about a process, I answer, they respond often this info is of interest to someone else who also responds in the conversation. Sometimes I feel like the people who don't read the comments may be missing out on a lot of good info that ends up in the comments section.

    I used to be confused about the blog etiquette and how one responds to questions. I alway felt I needed to comment personally to people, but with blogger you don't always get an email to link back to, so I began just leaving comments in my blog. usually someone else has thought of the same question so this info is helpful to them, even if the first person doesn't come back to check for a response. Also blogger now has the feature of being able to email follow up comments so you know when the blogger has responded.

  7. I answer questions directly to the person that asks them. It feels odd to me to leave comments on my own blog and confusing too. I guess for me personally, I find life moves so fast, I am lucky to visit other people's blog entry once. The chances of getting back to check for responses is not very likely. I admire your artwork SO much, it is just delightful and such an inspiration and I'm mostly an other media person :)