Jun 19, 2008

Bringing the planet back to life - Den Planet wiederbeleben

This little fairy looks at the planet earth lying at her feet. It has a real need of revival! Plants, insects, animals don't look that good any more... So he asks it's little angel for help...

It is about 10" x 11" and is gone in a swap to South America.

Many things came into my mind doing this piece. We have the football Europe cup these days and everybody is thinking about this. I thought of the planet lying like a football at the feet of the fairy and I also thought about the Little Prince, his planet and the fox...

Diese kleine Fee schaut sich den Planeten Erde, wie er vor ihren Füßen liegt. Er braucht wirklich eine Wiederbelebung! Pflaze, Insekte und Tiere schauen nicht mehr so gut aus... Also, sie ruft seinen kleinen Schutengel um Hilfe...

Das Stück is ca 25 x 27 cm und fliegt als Tausch nach Südamerika.

Ich dachte viele Sachen, als ich dieses Stück machte. Da wie die Europa Fußballmeisterschaften haben, alle denken nur daran. Ich sah den Planet wie ein Fußball am Fuß der Fee liegen. Ich habe auch an den Kleinen Prinzen, seinen Planeten und den Fuchs gedacht.


  1. It's so beautiful, I like the naive color.

  2. Lovely. How wonderful we have fairies and angels to help us poor clutzy humans who ruin things. Blessings, Suki

  3. You know it's funny I also thought of the little Prince, but he wanted a sheep as a pet.
    I love your angels they are always so peaceful and wise, definitely capable of miracles!

  4. Sara!:
    Juro que no aguanté! Entré y ví...!Es esa la pieza? Me encantó! querés que fotografe la tuya para que la veas, cuando la termine?o sorpresa?
    besos y gracias, juliana .

  5. Beautiful Sara. Lovely art and lovely sentiments too.

  6. i like this piece and the sentiment that goes with it....happy solistice! and thanks for the link a while back on consumerism very interesting facts....i lived for 5 years in a wonderful spiritual community and everything i owned fit into a big lidded basket....some of the best days of the charmed life i lead...i am so lucky....

  7. I love the fantastic mr fox!

  8. I love this piece Sara, very meaningful.

    That little fairy/angel looking over the world - very beautiful.

  9. Deine Gedanken spiegeln sich in dem Kunstwerk, vielen Dank fürs Zeigen!