Jun 11, 2008

Background - Hintergrund

I am doing the background of my new piece and I wanted to show how it looks like before it's worked on.

I love to do this kind of backgrounds because they look so mysterious. I must say this time it wasn't easy to take the photos showing the exact colors because everything looked rather green and the piece had very light color differences due to the different fabrics, sheer, cheesecloth, Colback, tulle, silk, organza, etc. that I embedded between light wool pieces and a woolfelt underground. I tried to work in a same color so that it isn't too messy as a background and I had to accentuate the hue differences with Photoshop for you to see the light changes of color on the surface. I think the first photo gives quite a good idea of what it looks like.

Now I must begin to work on the composition.

Gerade arbeite ich an den Hintergrund meines neues Stückes. Ich möchte ihn zeigen, bevor ich darauf arbeite.

Ich mag sehr, diese Hintergründe zu machen, da sie so mysteriös aussehen. Diesmal war es aber nicht leicht, Fotos zu machen, da die Töne der verschiedenen verwendeten Materialien nur grün aussahen und in Wirklichkeit gab es feine Nuancen davon. Ich verwendete Stoff, Voile, Mull, Colback, Tülle, Seidenstoffe, Organza, usw. und bindete sie mit Wolle an eine Wollfilzunterlage.
Das erste Foto ist das, welches der Vorlage am ähnlichsten aussieht.

Jetzt muß ich mit der Komposition beginnen.


  1. Sarah, it is so great to see this in process. Remember we can click on the photos to enlarge and see the textures better. On my trip to Cape Cod my friend the poet gave me some wool rovings. Grey, brown and white. So I hope to give felting a try at some point this summer.

  2. I am definitively in love with your backgrounds !!!

  3. Hi Sara, I am loving this tutorial type post. Enjoying seeing your process and how it all comes alive. Love all of those layers and textures!
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us.