Jun 7, 2008


Yesterday I had to attend a speech about the environement. It was a nice event and I went with my husband and our nice and motivated American WOOFer, Emilyrose.

There was also an organic food buffet and we ate the most wonderful stuff.

During the speeches I doodled in my sketchbook because I cannot have my hands still for such a long time. I wanted to share the way I doodle because everyone does it in a different way.

Gestern bin ich zu einer Umweltveranstaltung mit Mann und eine total nette amerikanische WOOFerin, die wie momentan im Bauernhof haben.

Es gab ein biologisches Buffet mit tollen Köstlichkeiten.

Wären den Vorträgen habe ich Kritzeleien in meinem Skizzenheft gemacht, da ich die Hände nicht so lange untätig lassen kann. Ich wollte die Kritzeleien zeigen, da jeder das anders macht.


  1. Hi Sara, these are great, and so you. They make me think again of book illustrations...

  2. Very impressive doodling Sara, and I love your birdie piece below too.

  3. I can't wait to see the textiles you make from this doodling Sara! Thank you for your lovely comments on my work. Perfect and very clever English and a lot better than my German!

  4. Sara - lovely to see your doodles. Interesting your comment how everyone doodles in a different way. Of late I have noticed a distinct change in my own doodling patterns, wonder if you've experienced that?

  5. Wow, what amazing doodles! As you say, nothing like mine.... I wish mine would be a bit more polished though! Like these....

    Love your Cyber Fyber postcard too - Lucky Susan!

  6. Dein gekritzel gefällt mir sehr. Vorlage für die nächste textilarbeit?

  7. Deine Kritzeleien sind schon kleine Kunstwerke! Bin gespannt auf die Umsetzung, liebe Grüße, Marion

  8. Hi .. great to find another doodler who like me can not keep her hand still. Most of my doodles appear in my notebooks at work.

    I have started to stitch my doodles which are more abstract then yours.