Apr 27, 2008

Pincushion swap - Nadelposter-Tausch

In December I invited my German ladies for a pincushion swap but I had only one person who was interested in it! ... and she was a German lady living in England who did C&G and has an embroidery group in Oxford! We decided to swap one though.

Today I finished mine using my new techniques (I'm so in love with them!). I even did the "flower needles" out of shrink plastic.

I also used trapunto for the sewing fairy. The heart is a combination of cross stitch and this old stitch - I don't remember the name of it - where you make a grid and stitch the crossings to fix it... The hanger is a piece of band I made years ago for my shop. The materials I used are vintage fabrics because I always think about "vintage" when I think "pincushion".

It is about 10" x 6" (25 x 15 cm).

In Dezember lud ich meine Deutschen Internetfreundinnen für einen Nadelpolster-Tausch/swap.

Leider meldete sich nur eine Dame, die zwar Deutsch ist, aber in England lebt, in Oxford, wo sie eine Stickgruppe von City & Guilds hat. Ich freute mich aber sehr, dass sich mindestens jemand gemeldet hatte und jetzt sind wir so weit, dass wir unsere Stücke fertig haben.

Ich verwendete meine neue Techniken (ich bin momentan von ihnen fasziniert). Ich machte sogar die Stecknadeln (-köpfe!) mit Schrink-Plastik. Da war einmal die Anleitung im Internet.

Ich verwendete Trapunto für die Nähfee. Das Herz ist aus Kreuzstich und einem Stich, von dem ich den Namen nicht weiß... Der Aufhänger ist eine Namensetiquette aus meinem früheren Shop.
Die Materialien sind alte Stoffe, da ich immer an "alt" denke, wenn ich an "Nadelpolster" denke.

Die "Schlampigkeit" ist gewollt!! :-)

Es ist ca. 25 x 15 cm).


  1. Sara! What a wonderful little gem! I adore the sweet little maiden and how you have combined her place of being with a dress of pin-flowers... Surely fairys will use it to keep their cobweb stoles mended... I still can't believe you only had one person willing to swap... I would be thrilled and honored to do a swap with you some day!

  2. Hi Sara. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I found you on flickr because you added me as a favourite on etsy, you can travel miles through a link in cyber space!!! Your blog looks so wonderful, I have added it to my favourite list and will spend some time here soon. I have just come back from a weekend away so can't have a proper look at the moment(even though I am itching to spend hours on the internet)Thanks once again, Karen

  3. it's lovely in so many ways...i'm curious why you think vintage when you think of pincushion

  4. Hi Sara! This is such a unique pin cushion. The stitch would be a variation of trellis stitch (couching threads with little cross stitches).

    It is a treasure for needleworkers.

  5. Sara what a little treasure! I love your pincushion, and I am sure your friend in the UK will be very excited to receive this little gem.

  6. Thank you all for your nice comments and also thank you for the name of the stitch! :-)

  7. Lovely pin cushion unlike any I have see before.

  8. so lovely Sara, so distinctivley yours too ~ so a real treasure to keep. Jx

  9. Your work is truly wonderful! I'm so glad I found your blog. All the best.

  10. What a beautifull pincushion you made it is a little work of art!
    I don't remember reading about your swap but in any case I would have made something so much simpler compared with yours I would have been really worried it was not up to the standards!

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