Apr 21, 2008

Flowers everywhere - Blumen überall

This little fairy wants to remember you once more that there are little flowers outside now, that are not big but small and wild and look wonderful! I love them, much more than the cultivated ones.
The brooch is made of felted wool roving. Both wool and threads are self dyed. The flower is a vintage one. It is 3.5" x 2.5" (9 x 7 cm) and has a huge pin for using it with shawls.

Diese kleine Fee möchtet uns an die kleinen Wildblumen erinnern, die sich jetzt draußen tummeln. Sie sind unscheinbar und für mich schöner als alle kultivierten Sorten!
Die Brosche ist aus selbst gefärbte Wolle und Fäden. Sie ist 9 x 7 cm und hat eine große Sicherheitsnadel, so dass man sie mit Schals tragen kann.


  1. you are so prolific lately. fun to keep up with what's going on. it gets my day going knowing you have been up and at it for hours already!

  2. What a darling little pieces of art that is, your work is amazing, I LOVE your printed fairy dolls, they are just adorable! I linked you on my blog, yay!

  3. Hi Sara

    I just made a treasury on Etsy and you are in it - it's here:

    I'm always doing them for the street teams I'm in and I thought I haven't done any for all the people from blogging etc who I have known for years and years... so I did!

    Love all your new work...