Apr 26, 2008

Ladybug's Garden - Der Garten des Marienkäfers

I finished the piece! I'm very happy with it because the techniques adapted smoothly to another.

The story behind the piece is a little forest fairy who didn't like that the woods are kind of dark in the spring so that she decided to accept the invitation of the Ladybug who invited her to a 5 o'clock tea in the garden. She drank so much tea (with gin) that she couldn't find her way home. The door to the woods is a secret door that looks very much like the garden so that she was lost for a long time. Her mother looked for her in the woods and couldn't find her either because forest fairies can only leave the woods if they have an invitation from some garden fairy. They have very hard laws in springtime because they want no ticks to appear too!

The story has a good end but you must help the fairy to find the door to the woods.

The piece is 19" x 11". I spoke about it in my last post.

Ich habe das Stück fertig gemacht und ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Art gewesen, wie sich die Techniken miteinander kombinieren ließen!

Die Geschichte ist über eine kleine Waldfee, die das Dunkle vom Wald nicht mehr ausstehen konnte, jetzt wo der Frühling da ist. Deswegen nahm sie die Einladung des Marienkäfers zu einem 5-Uhr-Tee im Garten. Sie trank viel Tee (mit Schnaps) und zum Schluß konnte sie die Tür zum Wald nicht mehr finden. Sie schaut genauso aus wie die Wiese. Ihre Mutter suchte sie überall im Wald und konnte sie nicht finden, weil sie den Wald im Frühling nicht ohne Einladung verlassen darf, da sie wegen den Zecken eine Sperre haben.

Die Geschichte geht doch gut aus, Sie müssen nur die kleine Fee helfen, die Tür zu finden.

Das Stück ist 48 x 28 cm. Die Erklärung finden Sie in der letzten Post.


  1. I like the finally result!

  2. Lovely Sara. I really enjoyed seeing your creative process and happy for you that it went together well.

    Rhode Island

  3. Deine kunst macht mich gluecklich

  4. Beautiful and I love the story. YOu are on some creative roll. Going away must have done you good. Blessings, suki

  5. This is really lovely. Did you use the airpen to draw the figures on the fabric or did you print them from the computer? Do you find the airpen easy to use?

  6. Amazing! I love how all the details fit together. I could look at this for hours. I like that I have never seen anything like your art Sara, I feel so inspired and want to create and learn about new things when I see what you have created. Amazing, just amazing!

    Jill in Florida

  7. Sara!
    All of your pieces are so magical!! i adore the drawn pieces- your details are amazing. Being able to see your creative process is such a treat!! I know that all of these pieces will do very well on Etsy!!
    Elizabeth in Virginia

  8. Really lovely Sara ~ what a wonderful imagination you have ~ Judy x

  9. I find this piece to be charming and lovely! I can see why you are happy with it! The magic is sweeeeeet!
    This weeks Inspire me Thursday prompt is 'Doors', you may want to list it?