Apr 23, 2008

Warm water wonderland.

There are places in this world that little forest people never see... These are the realms of the ocean, the mermaids, dolphins, sun and warm water reflexes. You can also surf on the surface of this realm but the mermaids are very shy people and disappear as soon as you dive...

The piece is about 13" x 12" and is made for a lady in the US.

Es gibt Plätze auf der Erde, zu denen die kleine Waldleute keinen Zugang haben... Diese sind die Reiche des Ozeans, Meeresjungfrauen, Delfine, Sonne und Wasserspiegelungen. Man kann auf der Oberfläche surfen, aber so bald als man untertaucht verschwinden die Meeresjungfrauen, da sie sehr schüchtern sind...

Das Stück ist ca 35 x 32 cm. Ich habe es für eine USA-Dame gemacht.


  1. Sara this is beautiful. What lovely colours, and those mermaids tails!

  2. I just love the little sunshine and the tiny pink bikini!!!
    So sweet!

  3. Oh how wonderful! I love the worlds that you create Sara. Your creativity is truly amazing!

  4. I'm finally back after looking after my husband and then finding myself in hospital. It is so wonderful to see your work again, this one is adorable, it has really cheered me up.

  5. This is a fabulous, fun piece.