Jan 20, 2008

What I'm doing now...

I'm actually doing some commissions so that I cannot show them till I finish them... This is always extremely difficult for me because I like to share all I do as soon as I finish it. Because these pieces are very big though, and they must get to their "homes" abroad, time passes without having something to show you...

I think soon will the first piece reach her home and then I will upload a picture of it!

Today it was really warm in Austria, I had 10°C in my studio without heating!!

I used this opportunity to tidy my studio. That is the bad thing having such a huge one. You leave your UFOs everywhere where you find an empty table or surface and after 3 months of this I was literally drowning in material. Now I can begin with the mess once more!! :-)


  1. Hi Sara,
    These colors are wonderful and make me think of spring. It is still dark and drab here in Alaska. Everything is white grey or black. Red and green are in short supply!

    The sunshine is just around the corner though. In another few weeks, it will be brilliant.

    I am eager to see your latest creations!

  2. How wonderful to see a new work in progress. I am very excited to see the piece finished. As to your studio don't wast too much time cleaning, creativity waits for no one, but the mess will always be there. That being said I need to go and tidy a bit too.

  3. A landscape of wool and stitches. Lovely magical colors. Congrats on the commissions. I can't wait to receive my pin which is still flying here on fairy wings. Blessings, Suki

  4. Thank you friends, it has to do with spring and I'm happy you saw the relationship.

  5. Sara!
    I must tell you how much all of your work inspires me!! i love all of your articles in CPS and now that i have found your blog, I will be visiting often. You have the most amazing sense for texture and color and materials and then your sense of whimsey!! oh my goodness, how I loveyour work!! I have just entered the world of needle felting and I am so inspired!!
    The colors and depth in this work in progress are so alive!!
    Thank you!!