Jan 21, 2008

Great light for photos - Tolles Licht für Fotos

Today the sun shines and it is warm. You could sit outside!

At the studio we are almost finished with the "glass studio in the studio".

Because yesterday (unknowing of this wonderful photo light day) I tidied up my studio I had the luck of be able to take these photos! I have taken 80!! I will put them in my Flickr photo album.
I am so happy with them. If you happen to have time to see them in detail at Flickr you can discover many things.

You can also see some things of my collection of other artists and perhaps you can see some art piece I bought from you or I swapped with you!

Heute die Sonne scheint und es ist warm. Man könnte draußen sitzen!

Im Studio haben wir fast das "Glasstudio im Studio" fertig gemacht.

Weil ich gestern (ohne zu wissen, dass es heute so schön für Fotos sein würde!) mein Studio zusammen geräumt habe, habe ich das Glück gehabt, Fotos machen zu können! Ich habe 80 gemacht! Ich werde sie in mein Flickr Studioalbum geben. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit ihnen. Ihr könnt vielleicht besser Details entdecken.

Man kann auch Sachen von meiner Kunstsammlung von anderen Flickr und Etsy Freunde.


  1. wow, ich bin hin und weg, liebe Sara, einfach superspitze, dein Studio!!
    Begeisterte Grüße,

  2. Suuper cool!!! I love these photos. Your studio is so beautiful,warm and inspiring!

  3. Your studio is my fantasy come true. Incredible and beautiful!! Enjoy and make lots of wonderful art!
    chris p

  4. Your studio is absolutely stunning. It's no wonder you can make such beautiful work there. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Filled with delight and wonder....What an incredible place to "BE".....The magic of this space is reflected in your art....How clearly one inspires the other....I am so uplifted by seeing and feeling the spirit of your studio....Thank you!


  6. Wow your studio pictures are just so enchanting!! what a wonderful place to work it must be! Yvonne

  7. What a great studio you have Sara!!!

  8. Truely amazing. So much space so things are not crowded. The repition of lines and shapes throughout, railings, windows, mirrors. I love the meditation cushion, the couch, the sewing machine on the beam. Many things to look at. Be well, Suki

  9. Dear Sara.
    Your work gets better and better and your studio is just to die for. It is so wonderful.
    I send you my best wishes for a creative new year.
    Erla in Iceland

  10. wow, what a fantasy land. a dream come true.

  11. Hi Sara in Wonderland, this is one of the nicest creative places I have seen, I'll call it Sara's castle. It looks cosy and spacy, full of interesting details,
    Have a wonderful day

  12. dear sara,
    'himmlisch' and so in line with the amazingly beautiful things you make ...

  13. Hallo Sara,
    ich kann mir nicht helfen, aber es sieht auf den Fotos aus wie eine unglaublich liebevolle, detailreiche Puppenstube!
    Gruß, Angelika

  14. You are, truly, blessed to have such an amazing place to work. It is gorgeous!

  15. Sara

    I love your studio - is it quite the most exquisite place I have ever seen.

    You are so lucky to have a place like that to create in and to inspire you.........


  16. this truly is one of the most wonderful studios... what a lovely space you have for creativity...

  17. I have quite a spacious studio in my loft, but compared to yours it is nothing. What a wonderful place to create.

  18. ich kann mir auch nicht helfen - ich hab mich in dieses Studio verliebt :)
    Es ist wunderschön!

  19. Now!! This is really fantastic!! What a glorious light shines into this space! Really heaven is a great studio, and you certainly have one.

  20. What a fantastic studio!!!!
    I especially love the glass studio, you are very lucky :-)
    If you are curious you can see mine here....