Dec 8, 2007

Poll joyfull vs. serious - Umfrage lustig gegen ernst

I'm always struggling about which way to follow...

These last months I did almost only joyfull art but this is only a part of me, I have a huge contradictory part of me that is more dark.

I would like you to answer the question on the right hand side if you want to give an opinion.

I actually know what I want to do but perhaps I should have two different blogs if some people are "scared" with my darker self! :-)

Immer wieder kommen diese Gedanken...

In den letzten Monaten habe ich eher lustige Sachen gemacht aber ich habe auch meine dunkle Seite.

Es würde mir gefallen, wenn ihr die Frage der Umfrage auf der rechten Seite antworten könntet.

Ich weiß natürlich schon, was ich machen mag, aber manchmal überlege ich, ob ich nicht einen anderen Blog für das Gesellschaftskritische/Düstere haben sollte, so dass niemand sich "schrecken" muss! :-)


  1. Do what you love! Life is to short to please others.

  2. You should add another button on your survey that says "Do what you love sara."

  3. I don't think it's a matter of being scared Sara. I just think it's a matter of what type of art a person likes. I agree with Poppy, you should do what makes you happy.

  4. I agree with doing what you love and are led to make in the moment. It is good to express our dual sides or many sides as I think it is human to have ups and downs, joyful expressions and darker or sadder expressions. I don't think you can divide it into 50 percent vs 70 percent etc. Just flow with what it is you want to express in the present moment.

  5. I visit each day with anticipation. You provide not only daily inspiration...but even more importantly....I visit you to receive "Delight and wonder". I love the spirit of your art....and accept it as beautiful....dark or macht nicht!


  6. I say make the art you NEED to make -- for you. If you want to post it and share, then of course do! If the art is too private for your comfort, then keep it to yourself. If you share the darker side (which we all have) and someone doesn't like it, then that's their problem, not yours. Hopefully they will come back and visit again on a joyful day. I would like to see both sides -- since that is you and your art.

  7. You should share whatever you are moved to share! We all have the light side and the shadow side. I, too, struggle with this issue. For now, I choose to share the light side -- mostly because I think the world is needs more light. I am learning to accept and embrace my shadow side as part of my whole being. Artists can know the darkness, perhaps even transform it.

  8. Besuche schon seit einiger Zeit mit großer Freude Deinen Blog. Es ist so zauberhaft hier!

    Besuche diesen verwunschenen Ort gerne wieder und habe mir erlaubt ihn zu verlinken. Ich hoffe, das ist in Ordnung.

    Habe 50% zu 50% gewählt bzw. würde mich freuen, wenn "Schatten" von "Licht" nicht getrennt wird.

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  9. Ich bewundere deine Kunstwerke immer wieder und ich denke, man kann sich auf Dauer nicht verstellen. Und so würde ich mir wünschen, dass du das machen kannst (wirst) was aus deinem Inneren herauskommt und nicht das, was angesagt ist.
    Liebe Grüße

  10. I didn't vote in your poll - I want to see whatever comes from your authentic self. We can't always be joyful and happy ... art that explores darker emotional territory is interesting too.


  11. I didn't vote in your poll - I want to see whatever comes from your authentic self. We can't always be joyful and happy ... art that explores darker emotional territory is interesting too.


  12. Sara, your art is you, whether happy or sad it's always amazing and its what you need to do as an artist. Thats what makes you an amazing artist, keep one blog and keep inspiring us all. Judy x

  13. Sara, you should do whatever is important to you at the moment you are creating. I love your joyful pieces, I like to look at them and they make me smile, but you need to explore all of the things going on in your head and your life, so if what you are feeling at a given moment is dark, do dark. I'd hate to see ONLY dark things over here, though, because I do like the joyful things - and also because I wouldn't want you to have only dark periods in your life as that's no fun. But I bet your dark things are still very interesting to see, so plese don't hesitate to show them.

  14. Scared is not the word I would use. I find your work beautiful, whatever you do. But even in your joyful part, I can feel something dark, although I can't define it exactly. It makes me uneasy.
    In my opinion, that is your soul that appears through what you do, and that's a great achievement for an artist. And it is also how life is, not white, not black, with proportion of both colors changing everyday. So I don't see any reason to separate your works into two blogs, you are one person, and you communicate with others. If you would make two blogs, that would be some kind of cheating.
    And I insist that I admire what you do.

  15. Sara, if you make it, blog it. We want to see it!!

  16. I think everyone else has said what I wanted to say. Whatever you do I will want to see it.

  17. I agree with Dianne - I love ALL of your art too! Love seeing the different sides to you. All the light and shade.

    Your art makes my soul sing!!

  18. no fear....let your heart fly.

  19. Sara
    Your art is from your heart. Do what is there...Even fairy tales may have dark messages. There is no light without shadow.

    Rhode Island

  20. thank you for all wonderful answers that keep coming! I love your input!! :-)

  21. Licht und Schatten, Höhen und Tiefen.

    So ist das Leben.

    Man kann nicht nur von Gpfel zu Gipfel springen, sondern man geht auch durch Täler.

    Wunderschöne Sachen machst Du, wie in einer anderen Welt werd ich verzaubert!

    LG Iris

  22. Sara,I asked myself the same questions starting work on the seven deadly sins.....
    I do this blog for myself and not only to please others and all these things I want to do, are inside myself...mixed up...I don't have to sort this out for myself, I can live with both parts....and my friends are able to live with me the way I am....
    If somebody doesn't understand something, he may ask.
    I believe, a blog is a communication-platform and not a frame for something that doesn't change anymore...

    Sara, I can feel your heart through your work and it is absolutely never

  23. yes, I agree with most others. It's best to be true to your whole self, and not build separate silos for different part.

    Give us all of it, just as it comes.

  24. Sara, of course shall you do what you love! snd it�s important to do waht you self wants!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to you lovely article in Quilting Arts! My issue came today and I will you read your article once more again!

  25. Thank you once more for your really lovely thoughts. It fills me with happiness to see how we all sit in a boat.

  26. Hi,
    I voted 50 /50, but with reluctance, I chose it simply because life is a fine balance. Art is an expression of that balance. We don't really get a choice with what wants to come out of us while creating, not if being true to that inner voice anyway. I admire your work so much, the lighthearted joyful pieces are delightful and inspiring, but what you call the darker pieces, are also ispiring, and thought provoking.
    Please, simply continue creating...and sharing the results of your talents.
    I look forward to reading your posts, to seeing what comes from within you, to seeing your spaces, to reading your comments and reflections.
    I don't want to choose what you post, but do ask to continue to share in them.
    Thank you.
    Veronica in Ontario, Canada

  27. I think that we draw a lot of creativity from out inner conflicts. Life is never black and white, so why try to make your art so? The darkness needs the contrast of light to define itself, and vice-versa. Where would fairytales be with out the witch, the ogre or the wolf?
    It may be that your work is so strong because of this conflict, and it from here that the true creativity comes.
    Long live conflict and confusion!

  28. Sara,

    I only discovered your blog about a month ago and think your work is amazing. I didn't vote in your poll, because I think the entries in your blog should reflect who you are and what your art is on any particular day - not whether it is pleasing or not to those who read your blog.

    I've gone back and read all of your past blog entries and every entry has been inspiring in so many ways. Thank you so much for sharing your work.

  29. This piece is intense, it took my breath! Deep dizzy images, and layers of meaning! Thanks for posting it, it is one that grabs the soul!