Dec 2, 2007

Crypt for a dead flower - Krypta für eine tote Blume

This is a major work I worked on this summer. I wanted to send it to Art of the Stitch but then it didn't turn out like a thing they would like to have for the exhibition because it isn't "modern" enough. I understand that.

You ought to see the large size of the photos if you want to see the details.

I'm going to take more photos when the sun shines, because you can't actually see the dead flower very clearly. She is buried in a little pouch and if you take it in your hand you can feel the "bones" inside.

The special thing was that I used only the embellisher to "sew" all the layers and pieces and only did hand embroidery. I only used a zig-zag to embed wires for stability.

You can close it with the vines so that you have a box in the box. You can take the dead flower out of the crypt. There are some lose petals around the grave.

I wanted to show that life comes after death in a perpetual circle and that beauty springs out from decay.
It is about 20"x10"(50x25cm)(opened) and it's meant to be put in a glas cube if possible.

It has very fine materials, small white pearls, and the vines offer the possibility to open or close the construction the way you wish it.

Dieses ist ein wichtigeres Stück, das ich diesen Sommer machte. Ich wollte es zum Art of the Stitch senden, aber dann war er nicht "modern" genug für diese Ausstellung. Sie suchen nur 56 Stücke eher von jungen Künstlern mit alternativ Objekte.

Man sollte die Fotos in große Auflösung sehen, um die Details klar zu sehen.

Ich werde mehr Fotos machen, wenn die Sonne scheint. Man kann die tote Blume nicht gut sehen. Sie ist in einem Beutel begraben und man kann die "Knochen" spüren, wenn man sie in die Hand nimmt.

Das Spezielle daran ist, dass ich ausschließlich den Embellisher benutzte. Ich stickte dann mit der Hand und befestigte nur das Drahtgerüst mit Zig-Zag.

Man kann die Teile als eine Schachtel in der Schachtel betrachten. Man kann die "tote Blume" aus der Konstruktion herausnehmen. Einige lose Blumenblätter sind rund um die Blume.

Ich will zeigen, dass das Leben ein Kreis ist, wo Schönes aus Verdorbenes wächst.

Es ist ca. 50x25cm und man kann es am Besten in einer Glasbox ausstellen. Man kann mit den Reben die Schachtel auf verschiedenen Weisen präsentieren, je nachdem, wie man sie verflechtet.


  1. hey sara, this is beautiful and i live how you have moved into the 3rd dimension with your work!

  2. Sara, this is exquisite. So delicate and original. All your artwork is something new, something I've never seen before. I like the idea behind the artwork too. I have no idea what an embellisher is so I'll have to look it up. (you dont need to explain I just need to remember to look it up). But I do wonder is some of what you do with the cloth similar to felting?

  3. opps. I just read your description for the family tree work and you say it is felted so there is my answer. I would like to try felting I think. Inspired by yourself. Most felted things I've seen are wearable items rather than decorative items.

  4. thank you!

    jude, i'm working even more 3d at the moment. photos will come.

    suki, the embellisher is the felting machine. this is not wet felt but a machine that bonds soft materials together, not only wool but fabric, paper, you name it...

  5. Sara, this is my favorite so far! Outstanding, and very emotional... I hope you do take more photos, I'd love to see the flower...

  6. What a beautiful piece! I love the concept too. Looking forward to the "sunshine" photos

  7. Sara, what a beautiful piece! I love the details in it, those little green leaves!! I'm sorry about Art of the Stitch - I think your piece is quite innovative and the workmanship is exquisite. I'd like to see some more photos too.

  8. Sara, this is quite beautiful, and I don't understand how they found it is not modern enough... Anyway, thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Sara what an amazining and beautiful piece of art--I wish I could touch it.

  10. This work has such a strong feeling of tender care, respect and celebration for the sacredness of the circle of life. It is truly wonderful Sara :)

  11. thank you ulla, marie, kay, vero, doreen and bettina, you are so wonderful friends. we can all inspire each other!

  12. I squealed like a child with delight when saw this. I would love to hold it and see every detail and stich. How amazing! I love it!
    Jill from Florida

  13. Oh my Sara, this piece is gorgeous. So much to take in a look at, just beautiful.

  14. Sara, what can I say that has not been said about this stunning creation of yours! It is heaven and earth all in one!

  15. This piece is so stunning. So much detail is in this wonderful piece. I've said it before, I wish I could watch you at work. Your mind is just full of so many wonderful and inspiring things.

  16. This is beautiful Sara. Very moving.
    Too bad it didn't make it to Art of the Stitch.

  17. This is really precious my dear! So much detail and tasty colours! I love the pink pethals, and the whole concept... Abit morbid, yet so renewed.
    Go go Sarah!
    I still haven't got a picture of "The Painter"in his "home"... but it shouldn't take much long...
    Big hug!

  18. Sara, I can't remember the last time I was "hooked" on viewing an artist's work on Flickr!

    Now I'm coming to your blog to read about your art!

    This piece is so detailed, yet mysterious, I wish I could peek inside and hold it in my hands!

    Jes Berry

  19. dear sara,
    your work is always pure poetry, but you surpassed yourself with this piece. it is so marvellous ...

  20. So ein wunderschönes Stück!!!!

  21. So beautiful...I just found your site ! May I put your link on my blog?