Dec 11, 2007

Creativity Banner Swap -

Dream Garland
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Now, at the beginning of winter, I always have time for a swap.

Last year I organized the inchies swap (Dot's idea!) and now I'm thinking about a "Creativity" banner swap.

Here is the invitation for you and rules:

We need 10 participants because the work "CREATIVITY" has 10 letters.

Each of us would do one letter of this word. For instance I would do 10 times the letter "A" in the chosen colors (each participant can choose a color: a main color for the background and a color for the letter)

You would have time till the end of January to send it to me and I would send you back the whole work in your colors. You can hang it as you wish.

I would send a template to the participants and you can use whatever you wish for the background: fabric, felt, fabric paper, .... For the letters you can use the style and size you wish so that all the letters are going to be different. You only have to try to have some contrast between background and letter so that you can read it well.

The first 10 ones are in. Because I had 2 ladies last year who didn't complete the swap I would rather have ladies who write often comments to my blog than new ones. You can introduce a friend though, if you know someone who would be interested.

Well... you can send me a mail to my email address in my profile! I hope you are interested!
Tomorrow I will send the exact rules and open a discussion blog like I did for the swap of 2006.
The fee for shipping, packaging and regie will be 15 US$.

Ich fange wieder - wie letztes Jahr zu Weihnachten einen Swap an.

Diesmal werden wir - wie auf dem Foto - Fähnchen, die das Wort "CREATIVITY" haben. Wenn ich genug Deutsche Anmeldungen habe, können wir uns für "KREATIVITÄT" entscheiden.

Da ich nicht weiß, ob es auf Deutsch genug Interesse gibt, bitte ich diejenigen, die daran interessiert sind, sich bald anzumelden. Ich werde dann die Teilnahmeregeln auch auf Deutsch schreiben und zusenden.

Zusammengefaßt sind sie:

Jede TeilnehmerIn muß 11 Fähnchen mit der gleichen Buchstabe machen in den Farben, die sich die TeilnehmerInnen ausgesucht haben. Die Schriftart und Größe ist freigestellt.
Man muss eine Farbe für den Hintergrund und eine für die Schrift aussuchen und bekanntgeben (jeder hat eigene Wunschfarben).

Man kann mit jeder Technik und Material arbeiten. Die Größe ist einheitlich.

Die Teilnahmegebühr ist 10€ für Porto, Verpackung und Abwicklung.


  1. I sent an e-mail to see if you have room in your swap. I would love to join in the fun if you have room still and are letting people from other countries join.
    Hope you have room.

    Jill from Florida

  2. Sara, I want in!!! Is there still room? I was unable to send you an email - long story. Let me know!

  3. What a cool idea. Too much on my plate at this time--making a wedding dress and all. Next year if you do another one, I want in!

  4. I would love to be part of this swap. I have done several postcard and inchie swaps and this looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  5. This would be a fun thing to do .. if there is room...and I re-read the simple instructions and get it right !

  6. I am sending yu a email also, to see if there is still room...