Dec 25, 2006

Working with paper...

I found this piece, as i told before, in my UFOs stash. i want to finish all of them now before i begin with new pieces. this trains me after so many months of work on the studio... and it gives me the possibility of using new materials.

i wanted to add contrast between the figures and the background. paper was the final choice. i was working with paper in my collabs so that i used some on thie piece too.
i was happy with the result. i sewed some tulle over the paper to keep it in place and used this to protect my weaved embroidery too.


  1. Sara! this piece really speaks to me... what an inspired idea to add writing around the figures! the colors and 'puppet like' pose of this piece is so whimsical! Let me know if you ever want to part with it, I'll be first on your list!!! P.S. My 'Franz' arrived and I ADORE it! You do exceptional work!!!

  2. Oh boy, would I love to go through your UFO stack!!! What a wonderful piece!!

  3. Sara! this is such stunning work! the soft colors and the paper!