Dec 25, 2006

My first non-traditional piece!

This was my first non-traditional piece.

I took a class with Erica Carter at Irsee (Germany) I think it was 1997...

She teached us how to use our imagination to create, using music, doing doodles, etc.

At the end i had this piece almost finished to take home with. I worked till late at night to finish it... I was so happy of finding all these small figures who never left me since.

The fabric were from Heide Stoll Weber because I din't have a clue about dyeing at that time!

After this workshop I travelled to the States and took classes at the QSDS, at Arrowmont, at Susan Shie and James Acord's Turtle Camp, at Haystack, I began twice a City and Guilds embroidery class
which i never finished because i was already teaching on my own... (i was always sorry about not finishing them!!!)

Now i told you some details about my development in textile art. I also had an art instruction before marrying but not in textiles. This developed after my children grew up!...

If you want to see more details of this quilt, please look into my flickr site!


  1. Love how you "picked out" the figures from random dye splotches--so *that's* how it all began!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours! All the bestest!

  2. nice to hear your story and see all your different work along the way. so interesting how it all unfolds, especially after the kids grow up!!!!.( laughing) ...can't wait to see what the new year brings.

  3. thanks for the comments and wishes! I'm working at the moment with something that is really fun, with painted paper mixed with fabric.

  4. Sara,
    I like all the UFO's you are finishing up.

  5. thanks so much, lisa, it is really uplifting to finish this ufos. i thought i would never do and now everything seems so easy... perhaps we must only let time work for us...!

  6. Hello Sara! I love your work so much! It is so original. I like your home and your new studio very much...such a cosy atmosphere.
    I am interested in taking classes with you. Is it possible? How can I find more about this issue?
    Have a Happy New Year!!!

  7. This is so beautiful, the muted colours, the fairies - I love it!!

  8. thanks, Di, i like your art also so much! we ought to work together sometime. i always would like to get to know personally all my internet friends, see their work in my hands and chat until the cows come home!!!

  9. Sara
    I love this piece. The colors are so wonderful and the artwork is charming. It is amazing that you have studied classes with many well known quilt artists in the US.

  10. thank you cathy. i saw your new blog and i'm looking forward to see more from you, love your colors and composition too!

  11. Sara:

    What FUN to come across your work. I definitely remember you and your work from the class. I still like sharing with other students your experience during Irsee. I wish you the very best.