Dec 19, 2006

Style confusion or To Be or Not To Be

Perhaps I should explain that I made all these pillows for classes I gave. Because of that they are made in so many different styles, as my whole textile work is as a matter of fact.

I'm always asked to give workshops for different kinds of public (here in Austria they are particularly traditional)and I must sew different kinds of projects. As I do this for a living I cannot always choose what I really want to do (this would put most workshop participants to rout!! LOL)

Sometimes I think it's deffinitely me when there are fewer colors and some funny figures... I can get real authenticity crisis sometimes....


  1. i am really glad you aren't telling me you mad them all in the last week or so.... it is great that you can adapt to so many different styles. i am about to take some time off for the holidays, my fingers need a rest! i hope you have a great holiday an i look forward to what you whip up next!

  2. :-)

    have wonderful holidays, take care of your fingers, you need them once more! i will spend the holiday in the studio and sew. i already had my holidays 3 years now!!