Dec 12, 2006

1" art swap

Hi all,

I want to invite you to a new swap I organize. We already have 3 participants and need 4 more.

It is a 1” x 1” (2,5cm x 2,5cm) collage art swap. The idea came from

Createarian in Flickr

she already organized such a swap, you can see the picture above with the mounted squares.

you will find more at her Flickr site.

The deadline ist Mid-February 2007.

If you are interested in doing this swap, please email me at

We don’t want to stress ourselves doing this, it ought to be just fun! But I would be very happy if you participate.

If you’d like to participate I’ll send you the detailed instructions (or I can send them too, if you want to see them before you decide!)

Please keep in mind that the first 4 participants who answer to this mail are going to be taken!



  1. Thanks for letting me participate Sara--this is gonna be SO KEWL!!!

  2. Yes, I am also glad to be part of this! And nice to meet Arlee in a swap again!

  3. I love the kind of pieces that are created with these exchanges. Count me in an possibly ADATA too. Please send me the technical details, I'll get down to it ass soon as I'm back from holiday (mid January)

  4. inspiring but all i need is another project!!!!
    one of these days....

  5. oh, jude, i didn't even ask! this is an immediate gratification. your art is much more transcendent!! but perhaps we can once do a long term collaboration...

  6. I e-mailed you to I could not respond on your blog
    I did not was over to Beta an now i ma and I see there ar already many poeple involved
    I am so sorry I am to late I think

  7. I'd love to join the second group, I posted at the other blog. Is this still possible to join ? I love doing swaps like this. I introduced Helen Suzanne to fibre postcard swaps.