Dec 19, 2006

The pillows in my living room

Today I was working on a new -old- pillow I found as I ordered my studio (you cannot imagine how many pieces I "found", most UFOs, I could spend a year finishing all them!). As I was stitching I thought I could take some pictures of all my pillows because I never had yet...

The pillow on the picture is the second one in a series of these little men, I finished it yesterday (and began it 9 years ago...). As soon as I finish the one I'm stitching I'll upload it too.

If you want to take a look at all the pillows please go to my flickr album.


  1. Sara, you are soooo inspiring!!! I love the lady in the teapot, and the one on the horse, and the colorful round one with all the fingers coming out of it... and this one with the little men!!! What a wonderful collection!

  2. You are so talented!! These men in all their different positions are fantastic. I'm going to FlickR to look at all of your other pillows now.