Jan 10, 2011

The moss trees and the bird - Die Moosbäume und der Vogel - Les arbres mousse et l'oiseau - Los árboles musgo y el pájaro

There are two old moos trees on the border of the forest.
Es gibt zwei Moosbäume am Rand des Waldes.
Il-y-a deux arbres couverts de mousse au bord de la foret.
Hay dos árboles cubiertos de musgo al borde del bosque.

She and him they didn't saw the years pass by.
Sie und er haben die Jahre nicht vorbeisausen gesehen.
Elle et lui n'ont pas vu les années passer.
Ella y él no vieron pasar los años.

They feel like as if they were young, yet in their wedding clothes.
Sie fühlen sich jung, noch in ihren Hochzeitskleider.
Ils se sentent jeunes, encore dans leurs habits de marriage.
Se sienten jóvenes, todavía en sus trajes de boda.

A bird brings them a flower and the sun is shining.
Ein Vogel bringt ihnen eine Blume und die Sonne scheint.
Un oiseau leur apporte une fleur et le soliel brille.
Un pájaro les trae una flor y el sol brilla.

It is the same bird that brought them the wedding rings.
Es ist der selbe Vogel, der ihnen die Hochzeitsringe brachte.
C'est le meme oiseau qui leur apporta les anneaux de marriage.
Es el mismo pájaro que les trajo los anillos de boda.


  1. I think your work is original and just stunning

  2. This is looking so beautiful and the story is lovely

  3. A delightful story and a glimpse into a fantasy world. Just beautiful.

  4. hermosa historia Sara!!!!!!!!! y un tratamiento magnífico del fieltro, gracias por compartir tu arte

  5. Ya no se que mas decir de tus trabajos!!!!!!!!Que fuente creativa!!!!

  6. Such a beautiful piece, wow.

    I love your blog so I added you to my blog list so I can visit again and again:D

    Happy New Years.

  7. I like stories at the moment. I have a good time in my life. I cherish that. You don't always do.
    Because of that I come back to my first vocation: writing.

  8. this is so beautiful sara! the lace (?) crown is such a special touch. happy new year!!

  9. This reminds me of that lovely Kahlil Gibran piece on Marriage, about growing together but not in each others' shadows, and the crown reminds me of our wedding (very nearly 24 years ago) in the Armenian Orthodix Church of St Sarkis, where we were crowned King and Queen of our marriage. It is so beautiful. xxx