Jan 20, 2011

The deep big sea - Das große tiefe Meer - La mer grande et profonde - La mar grande y profunda

Do coastal fairies exist?
Gibt es Küstenfees?
Est-ce que les fées de la cote existent?
Es que existen las hadas de la costa?

And if, what do they do there? Watch the mermaids?
Und wenn schon, was machen sie da? Schauen sie sich die Meeresjungfrauen an?
Et si elles existent vraiment, qu'est-ce qu'elles font là? Regardent elles les sirènes?
Y si las hay, qué hacen allí? Miran las sirenas?

Stay tuned...!
Warten Sie ab...!
Attendez donc...!
Esperen un poco...!


  1. The Madonna is waiting on etsy. And what will you do with the other pieces you make?

  2. hi corinna, the other ones are all gone. the madonna has so much work that it has to be more expensive and these are not very good times with the deflation...

  3. There are water sprites and nymphs so why shouldn't there be water fairies too Sara? I shall keep an eye on your blog to see what happens and find out what they get up to!

  4. So so beautiful....and I'm an American of Austrian heritage so it's nice to find your blog :)

  5. Hi, well Sara, my wet felted piece is becoming a bit of sea with a mermeid as well !!!
    (Mine has already loooong hair!... and still a bit struggling with the thin fabric and the batting)

  6. Beautiful. BTW, your pincushion is finally on her way. I had to move suddenly and have just unpacked her. Sorry for the delay. Blessings.