Jan 21, 2011

Catch a mermaid - Fang eine Meeresjungfrau - Peche une sirène - Pesca una sirena

There is a tradition under the water sprites (thank you, Heather!), at least once in their lives they must catch a mermaid.
Es gibt eine Tradition unter den Wasserfeen. Sie müssen mindestens einmal im Leben eine Meeresjungfrau fangen.
Les fées des eaux ont une coutume. Elles doivent - au moins une fois dans leur vies - pecher une sirène.
Las hadas del agua tienen una costumbre. Por lo menos una vez en la vida tienen que pescar una sirena.

To be continued...
Fortsetzung folgt...
À suivre...


  1. Or maybe see a Silkie in the Sea?
    If you catch one do they lose their magic?

  2. Joei, it goes like this: Always two sprites approach one mermaid. Meanwhile they say nice things to her not to make her nervous. If they are close enough they catch her and one sprite has to tickle the mermaid, in the meantime the other sprite collects it's laughing in a cobweb of the seaspider. After this they let her free again and take home the glittering laughing. That's how they attest that they did it. :-)

  3. I just love this little piece Sara. The gorgeous colours of the border really make the blues in the main section sing. Without the border it would still be beautiful, but with it, it becomes exceptional.

  4. I see I must let you write the stories!
    Corinna, you're a poet! I love the one you wrote and it made me laugh too!!

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