Nov 2, 2007

Oak Child Brooch - Eichenkindbrosche

Today the sun was only there for a short time. I did a small walk in the woods and there were some oak sprouts. It is a pity that I don't manage to transplant them somewhere near the house...

Oops! ich habe vergessen, die letzten Mails auf Deutsch zu schreiben...
Heute war die Sonne kurz da und ich habe einen Spaziergang im Wald gemacht. Ich habe Eichen gesehen, die gerade ganz klein sind. Es wäre schön, wenn man sie in der Nähe vom Haus haben könnte, aber sie vertragen nicht, dass ich sie umpflanze...


  1. this is so sweet as are all the angels. You are so talented.

  2. Hi Sarah, stunning as usual.
    I've set up another blog and put a link on to yours. I'd be grateful if you could do the same. It is connected to my recycling textile site Rag Rescue. The blog is
    As your work incorporates recycled fabrics or embellishments, I'd like to do a feature on them in this new blog. If you agree would you allow me to show some of your work in the article.

  3. kann ich mich nur wiederholen: wunderschön,deine brosche.

  4. Your blog is always so inspiring! I'm so glad I linked to it, so I can always find it! Just beautiful work...after my own heart!

    Brightest blessings!